Teaching Resources for Today’s Educators

In today’s digital world, finding the right resources for teachers is more important than ever. In many cases, this means finding digital resources that can be accessed from anywhere, be it the classroom, at home, or on a student’s mobile device. Thankfully, there are a variety of resources like this available. Here’s an overview of just some of the free resources that teachers can use today.


Adobe EdEx

Adobe EdEx has quickly become one of the more popular free resources that teachers can use. It comes with a variety of components, including the ability to create an interactive syllabus, take advantage of easy-to-use software that can create highly interactive and engaging lessons, and explore distance learning options that ensure students can remain engaged, even during the pandemic.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that has been active for some time. It allows teachers to explore community-build lessons, lesson plans, resources, educational material, and more. In many cases, the content on the website is free. In some instances, teachers do have to pay small amounts of access to someone else’s work. However, this can be a fantastic resource and time-saver for busy teachers.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education bills itself as essentially a resource depository for teachers. It offers a sortable website that contains lesson plans from Pre-K through 12th grade, and it is also sortable by subject. This allows for a highly customizable and searchable experience for teachers, enabling them to find content in their specific area of education. The content can then be downloaded, repurposed, and used by a teacher in their own class.


Jumpstart is geared towards grades K-5, so it obviously has a younger feel to its content. The content on this website includes activities, lesson plans, curriculum, and worksheets. As such, teachers can peruse the information on this site, finding content that works for them and their needs. Like many of the websites on this list, the resources here are absolutely free, and teachers can download and use whatever they find in order to best suit their classrooms. 


Everfi is one of the more professionalized websites that is available for teachers today. It allows teachers to find a wide array of digital resources for students in grades K-12. This includes pre-made digital lessons and assignments. Furthermore, the website bills itself as being geared for teachers who are teaching in a variety of mediums, including digitally, hybrid, or in-person. This flexibility makes it ideal for teachers that are trying to find resources during the pandemic. It also offers a variety of networks that teachers can use to communicate with each other as they attempt to tackle common problems, such as mental health or financial education. 

Unfortunately, the demands on teacher’s time are more intensive than ever. Thankfully, these digital tools create fantastic ways to enhance student engagement while also ensuring that students can learn more effectively than ever before.

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