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While Facebook and Instagram are the most popular mediums to expand and market your business, there are exciting, interesting platforms other than the clichés. Pinterest is one of those social media marketing tools. You’ll be surprised to know that a Pinterest Pin is about a 100 times more shareable than a single Tweet on Twitter. Pinterest can be your hottest ticket to digital marketing and here is a guide that will help you take advantage of this great media marketing tool. Read along:

(1) The first thing you need to understand is the types of pins that Pinterest offers is user – product pin, recipe pin, article pin and app pin. Product pin can be used to promote your product, along with its description, price and availability – this is something all e-commerce websites can use. Recipe pins can be used by food bloggers to talk about ingredients, serving sizes and cooking methods. Article pins can be used to give a brief description of the author and gist of the main article or blog. App pin can be used to download your app directly without a third party involvement.

(2) You might want to use Pinterest Analytics to track information regarding your audience and make necessary amendments to your marketing campaigns.

(3) To get more to engage in your pins, you need to create pins that are searchable and popular among your customers. Make sure images are of high quality of about 736×1102 pixels, which is the typical pin resolution. Images without faces have proven to be more popular. You can take advantage of the longer pin arrangement in Pinterest by using them as info-graphics.

(4) The ideal time to post pins is from 2pm to 4pm or 8pm to 1am, usually on a Saturday. This is when your customers are most active.

(5) Make sure you connect your Pinterest account with other social media accounts, especially ones where you have a good audience like Facebook and Twitter. This will help you get more followers as the content is shared on other platforms too. You can also share your pins in your newsletters.

(6) Research popular keywords that relate to your business and add those keywords to your pin title, pin descriptions, and pin image file name.

(7) Your posts should frequent, especially in the beginning so as to build a strong follower base.

So, start pining.

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