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Product design

Product design engineering is an exciting field. Developing the next generation of products and figuring things out when problems arise is a key part of this enjoyable vocation. The product design engineering field is broad and has specializations depending on your interests and talents. These include bioengineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, data science, mechanical engineers, and several others.

Beyond product design, many people are interested more in the specialty subjects which we now explore below.


The Bioengineering specialization brings together the confluence of engineering and the medical field. There’s the option to work in at least three different job roles. The Pharmaceutical Engineer works to develop new compounds, create medications from them, test and finally deliver an approved medicine to help deal with viruses and previously unmanageable diseases.

The Medical Scientist is involved in the clinical trial areas to validate the medications under testing post-development. And the Medical Device Engineer takes fresh ideas and turns them into devices that can be used outside or inside the human body whether that’s a better artificial leg or a replacement organ for one that’s failing.

To learn more about product design engineering, the University of California-Riverside runs an online degree course. UC Riverside cover the primary subjects and all the specializations mentioned in this article too. Whether you’re interested in bioengineering or perhaps data sciences, there’s an engineer specialization that’ll be right for you.

Data Science

The Data Science specialization focuses on data management and the provision of services relating to this. Once the course is completed, graduates are equipped to work as an E-commerce Data Specialist who is responsible for the improved analysis of collected information on visitors and customer purchase patterns. This information helps change what products are shown first on a website to get the best sales numbers.

The Chief Data Officer is another position that deals with big data and you’ll work with a team of analysts, programmers and associated personnel. For social media mavens, there’s the Social Media Data Analytics that does the same for social platforms to help companies analyze data and trends, and respond to them. Targeting ads more successfully also falls under their purview.


New advancements are being made with Nano technology every week now. Studying in this area opens the door to work as a Materials Engineer on the cutting edge of nanoscience, creating new solutions at the microscopic level. The Chemist is another role covered by this specialization where you will work to create new formulations at the molecular and atomic level. The Medical Scientist is not to be forgotten either as this role benefits both the bioengineering and nanoengineers specializations.

Getting into the product design engineering field is fascinating because it splinters off into so many specializations beyond the primary one. People who love the environment and have a knack for systems may enjoy going into the Environmental Engineer arena to make a difference there. We can never have enough Mechanical Engineers either and studying this course offers this option too. It’s just a matter of seeing where your interests and talents lie within the broad engineering field and narrowing down your academic and future career choices.

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