5 Ways To Store Your Pills

It can get confusing to know which pill is for what condition when you take different medications and supplements. Additionally, it’s also easier to forget to take these drugs when they’re not placed and arranged properly.

In this blog, learn how to store your pills through these tips, helping you prevent missing out on your doses and ensuring that you never run out of pills for refills.

1. Utilize Pill Boxes

Utilize Pill Boxes

One of the most common ways to store your pills is using pillboxes. These boxes are typically made of plastic and contain divisions per day, preventing you from forgetting and getting confused with your vitamins and medications. Generally, pillboxes are affordable and are readily available; you can even buy them in local pharmacies.

With pillboxes, you can place different pills in one organizer compartment, especially when you need to take them on the same day. It’s normal for drugs to be together in one storage without interacting. However, if you want to be more certain, you can always check with a pharmacist or your physician to make sure.

It’s also easy to see if compartments need a refill of your medications with pillboxes, especially when they’re transparent. They are lightweight, so you can bring them anywhere you go.

2. Get Pouches with Dividers

If you want to be more stylish and modern, you can choose cute pouches that contain several dividers to place your pills. Dosey is a brand that features several cute pouches in different shapes and sizes, perfect to fit in your bags. Pouches with dividers are perfect for lightweight organizers that won’t take up much space in your bag but offer enough storage to fit all your medications.

These pouches also serve as versatile storage organizers because you can also use them to store other essentials inside your bag, especially when you’re on the go. It’s also easy to refill them and makes no hassle when you need to grab and drink your supplements.

3. Automated Pill Dispenser

Automated Pill Dispenser

Automatic pill dispensers are also available if you want to be innovative to prevent getting confused with your complicated medication schedule. You can either rent them per month or buy one. However, you must prepare your budget because they are relatively more expensive than pouches and pillboxes.

These auto dispensers can contain many pills of varying sizes per cup and will also notify you when it’s time to take one. If you have a large budget, you may get automated dispensers that connect wirelessly to your pharmacist or nurse, allowing him to remind you not to miss a dosage.

Otherwise, automated pill dispensers are cheaper than $100, and they commonly look like ordinary plastic pillboxes. These cheaper ones will rotate mechanically with a timer and come with a safety lock feature, preventing you from taking the wrong pill. You can also change their settings so that they can create a sound when you’re scheduled for another pill.

4. Use Single Dose Packets

Dose Packets

If you’re always on the go, single-dose packets are recommended so that you don’t have to be bringing your bulky pillboxes with you. You can always ask your doctor or the local pharmacy if they have predated single-dose packets or blister packs.

Local pharmacies can also organize your medications in single packets, allowing you to place the dosage, the particular day of the week, and when you need to take the pill. Predated single packets are best when your prescription routine will not change for a while. However, it might be the ideal option when you’re just starting on a new medication, or your dosages will often change.

5. Use Baskets

Herbal Capsules in a Basket

If you’re only staying at home, small baskets you can place inside your storage cabinets can also work. These baskets commonly don’t have covers, and you can label them depending on the name of your medications, their dosage, and the schedule when you need to take them.

Baskets are lightweight and affordable, and they are usually made from plastic material. When you choose small sizes, it’s also easy to stack them so that they fit perfectly in your cabinets at home.

Store Your Pills Responsibly

Your pills and medications are essential to maintaining your lifestyle and improving your life quality. Properly storing them ensures that you don’t miss taking them and keeping them safe and secure. Store your pills responsibly and drink them according to the right dosage and schedule.






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