Keep Your Options Open

The weather is breezy and the forecast says it may rain a little in the evening. You have this party in the evening ad you are really excited about it. So what do you do, take an umbrella along with you just in case it rains, or you take your chances of believing that the weather forecasts are never fully accurate and it may not rain that evening after all? But what is the harm in carrying an umbrella along with you? Why do you have to be so over-confident about something you can’t even control? Why do you want to ruin your evening because of something that could have been otherwise taken care of, if you bothered to keep some of your options open? You always have options, it is just that sometimes you decide to be bluntly arrogant or carelessly dumb to consider them.

We you start out with something new, there is always a risk of failure. You can never be too sure about the results, the consequences of the decisions you make today. Having a vision isn’t just enough. You need to have a plan, a back-up plan and some options. As you expand your dream, your vision, you need to keep track of your defaults. You replace your old habits, you pay your dues over time, you mend your ways, and you make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. It is always better to take preventive steps to avoid making the same mistake, than going through the situation all over again.

Always begin with the possible, and then achieve the impossible. With one step at a time, you must know what you are doing. Once you have complete knowledge about what you want and what you would do to achieve it, it is easier to make decisions. Never have just one of anything. You must be able to replace an employee, a vendor, a sales avenue, or a marketing method immediately. Remember, business or life, make smart choices.

There is an old Arab proverb, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel”, meaning while it is okay to have faith in providence and believe that everything will work out eventually, but everything will work out if we take favorable chances to make it work. You need to accept responsibility of your actions. People make this common mistake of believing that once they take a decision nothing can go wrong absolutely what so ever, because they believe in that decision they’ve made. It is great that you believe in your decisions, and have complete confidence, but life isn’t always fair, and things may not turn out the right way. So have a back-up plan, and consider all possible ways your original plan can go wrong.

There is only you. If you don’t own your life, no one else will.

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