6 Ways To Act Like a Successful Entrepreneur Even If You Aren’t One Already


Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur?

Do you want to leave your old soul stealing job, build your own business and leave your mark in this world?

Then be prepared to change. Be prepared to improve yourself a lot. Every successful entrepreneur has walked the road of continuous personal growth before he succeeded.

But if you want to walk that road you can’t act like an average Joe anymore. You have to act like a successful entrepreneur from the very beginning. Fake it till you make it, they say. Sometimes this works.

Only by emulating the behaviors of successful people you will start to understand the way they think and why they do things. And you will be more likely to become wealthy and successful as well.

So, let’s see how you can start behaving like a success, even if you are not one yet:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No”

People who are afraid to say “no” when someone asks them to do something for them end up doing things they don’t want to do – or things that waste their time.

If you constantly say “yes” to others you show them that you are always available for them and some might take advantage of this.

Saying “no” reminds others that they can’t control you.

Of course you should help others if they really need you. Nevertheless, when you don’t want to do something because you think it’s a waste of time – don’t be afraid to say no.

Successful entrepreneurs value their time and don’t seek approval. As a result, they are also not afraid to say “no” when they want it.

2. If You Don’t Believe In Your Abilities, Who Will?

 People with high emotional intelligence never stop believing in their abilities. They aren’t afraid to be proud of themselves and stand up by their values and beliefs. They are not afraid to support their dreams and keep chasing them.

Some losers might doubt their decisions, criticize them and try to bring them down. But they don’t bow down to those doubters because they have a deep faith in themselves.

A deep faith and a burning desire to succeed and achieve their goals.

That’s something that the weak, the ones with low emotional intelligence will never have or understand and that’s the biggest reason that separates winners from losers. Unbreakable faith.

Unbreakable faith is one of the key components that separates successful entrepreneurs from wanna-be entrepreneurs of the couch.

3.  Change Is Your Best Friend – Don’t Be Afraid Of Change.

Most individuals are really introverted and avoid taking advantage of opportunities because of fear. They are afraid to step out their comfort zone and change the direction their life is heading to.

Emotionally wealthy people and successful entrepreneurs might feel the same fear. But they don’t let the fear stop them.

If they believe that a change in their lives is needed to attain better living standards, they will do everything to change their lives.

They will do it even if their choice involves a risk of failure.

How could you expect different results when you continue to do the same things?

You have to change something; you have to take different choices if you want to change your life.

No matter how frightening a change might seem, take the courage and step out of your comfort zone.

That’s what successful entrepreneurs do. They go against their fears and beat them to the ground.

Don’t let your fears paralyze you. Even if you fail, you are still better than the 10.000 no-getters who have never tried to pursue their goals.

4. Finished College & Stopped Learning? Never!

The majority of non-entrepreneurs – and most likely unsuccessful people – aren’t successful because of one single fatal mistake that kills their personal growth.

Which is this mistake?

To stop learning after you have finished school or college.

All successful entrepreneurs realize that the continuous pursuit of knowledge is what will make or break their success.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur you have to keep learning and absorbing knowledge like your life depends on that.

Let me ask you a question:

What did you learn yesterday?

If you don’t have at least 3 possible answers to write down now, then you probably didn’t learn anything.

When you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn something new every day. Always expand your knowledge. Staying static is the biggest mistake you can do.

If you do that you will have increased your success rate dramatically.

Imagine how much more resourceful you will become compared to ordinary people. Ordinary people stay ordinary because they have never learned anything after they finished school.

And as long as they don’t learn anything, you will have a huge advantage if you learn everything you can.

But beware: the type of information you learn is also important.

Learning that “months that begin on Sunday always have a Friday the 13th in them” sounds cool but is not useful. Can you use this fact to improve your life, the lives of other people or make more money?

I don’t think so. Therefore, you must filter information and try to learn only what is related to your area of interest– or closely related fields.

ABL: Always Be Learning – But always be learning things that are useful.

5. Successful Entrepreneurs Focus On Producing Value

The majority of  people focus on making money, generating more sales and becoming successful.

While all these things are great, you can’t achieve them if you ignore one of the most important parts of the equation.

And that is to produce value. Successful entrepreneurs don’t focus only on their own success and wealth. They “serve” their customers and provide immense value.

This can be done by the way their services improve the lives of other people, make their lives easier or help them make more money.

And that’s why they are successful. They are producing more value than the monetary equivalent that ends up in their pocket. But that’s the reason that money goes into their pocket.

If you want to act and become a successful entrepreneur, you need to re-adjust your focus and start thinking about ways to help people instead of ways to benefit from them financially.

When you help others, you will see that they will be glad to pay you with their hard earned money.

The pushy salesperson is no longer alive. Those who try to “sell, sell, sell” without giving won’t survive since people can spot the fakers who just trie to get their money.

To act like a successful entrepreneur: focus on how your product/services help other people and solve their problems – not on how you will make more money.

And if you do that, the final result will surprise you. Because you will make more money than you would do if you strictly focused on your personal wealth.

6. They Are Always Out There Hunting

Let’s say you have managed to make a million dollars from your business. What would you do next?

Partying in Ibiza all day long? Or would you start looking for new business opportunities?

Maybe a mix of these would be the best possible option.

Celebrating your wins is great since it gives you a sense reward for your efforts. But relaxing too much and not seeking for new opportunities is a recipe for failure.

Successful entrepreneurs never rest on their current success. They understand that we live in a world that changes faster than anything. Even if you have a million dollar business today, you might be dead-broke tomorrow.

That’s why you should be in the constant pursuit of new goals and opportunities.

You must become an unstoppable, relentless success seeker. Look for new trends in your industry and try to keep progressing. Resting on your success can be fatal if you do it for so long.

On the other hand, don’t burn yourself out. Celebrate your wins, but find a balance between celebrating and achieving new goals.

Over-celebrating is never good.

Always be out there hunting.

-Damian Pros

This is a guest post by Damian Pros from Dare and Conquer.

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