Online Gaming Media: Top 5 Portals


Gambling is one of those things where people get misinformed all the time. It is because there are so many fake experts and reviews trying to get a person’s attention to sell something. 

There are, however, some reputable sources of information about the gambling industry. From techniques to news and reviews, they provide accurate and actual data to the reader, all of which we will look at today.

1. AskGamblers

AskGamblers is the world’s best gambling-related site. It is not a casino but rather a website that recommends games and casinos to players. It is unclear if it is an affiliate marketing site, but it does have a positive reputation among people in the gambling industry. 

From slots online to new casinos, they review everything. They have a robust rating system where they give games and casinos star points or values. The rating system helps players decide whether or not to pursue membership in a casino. 

AskGamblers has been around since 2005. The founder used to be a law student. He worked as a bartender in a casino and quit. He found a job at an IT firm that recommends casinos to its readers. He then thought that he could do better, and it is how he started the website. 

2. Wizard of Odds

The Wizard of Odds is a website built by Michael Shackleford. He is an American mathematician and an actuary. What he does on his website is provide a deep analysis of games. 

For example, he analyzes the odds of a game like blackjack. He then tells the reader, in detail, the best approach to use when playing the game. All his recommendations are based on mathematics and statistics, and that is what makes him believable.

He also operates another website, the Wizard of Vegas. The site’s content is similar to the Wizard of Odds, where he provides sound strategies for hundreds of games. In 2002, he received notoriety for releasing the rankings of slot machine percentages in Las Vegas. At that time, the information was supposed to be a secret, and yet he exposed it. As such, he earned street cred as the master of gambling. 

3. Bet and Beat

This one is a platform that offers excellent advice and unbiased information about casinos and eSports. They tell readers how to bet, what wagers to look forward to, what casino games are the best to play, and what sites offer crypto gambling. 

They also have content for horse racing, online slots, bingo and poker. So pretty much, they cover almost all gambling games. 

What people love about their website is the modern interface. It is easy to use, and one will not get lost in their content volume. The creators of the site show art in their work. They publish what their readers want to see, not because they want to add information to their site. The site also offers many illustrations to make their gambling principles easy to understand. 

4. The Sports Geek

If sports betting is what you love, then this site is for you. It is a simple website whose content is straightforward. 

These are the types of content you can expect from them: 

  • Sports betting picks
  • Sports betting opinions (blogs)
  • Betting strategies
  • Sports betting news
  • Betting site reviews
  • Online casinos
  • Sports betting odds

The site provides excellent illustrations for concepts that are hard to understand. You can also find sports tables to help you decide how to use your money for betting. 

The group says that its mission is to provide accurate information. They do not want to give any uncertainty to their reader. As such, all the things they claim are supported by data and numbers. 

One thing they do that makes them trustworthy is involve experts. These experts have technical knowledge of each sport or game they analyze. Because of this, their readers have better chances of winning.

5. GamblingSites.ORG

Gambling Sites is a review site that makes things easy to understand. They do not bombard their website with ads. The site is similar to Bet and Beat but not as beautiful. What makes it worthwhile is that it has a blacklist. This information is critical. It helps gamblers know which casinos to avoid. 

The operators work with gambling enthusiasts and experts. As a result, they have a positive reputation in the community, and they rank casinos with fairness. The people who run the site take pride in their work. If you want an honest review, use this site. The operators only recommend the best and the most trustworthy casinos out in the market, and their content is always fresh.


Most casino review websites are nothing more than affiliate sites. Therefore, it is a little questionable whether or not you should trust the information they provide. At the end of the day, they want you to register and play so they can earn a commission from you.  If you need trustworthy information, visit the sites mentioned in this article. They have been around for a while, and gamblers around the world trust them.

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