New Perspective for Casino Outdoor Settings

In this article, Damien Connelly will speak about how casinos have reinvented themselves into an outdoor amenity where it isn’t only about gaming, but also non-gaming. Damien Connelly is known as the person who has worked with some of the world’s largest corporates on business and strategic planning. He used to create innovation, introduce growth programs with companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and Vodafone. 

Damien has also joined the casino industry where he worked for almost 15 years. His first Master of Arts was from Glasgow University where he studied Economics and Management, and his second Master of Arts was given with Distinction, was from Kingston University in Marketing. Besides, Damien Connelly is also a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 


New Perspectives

When it comes to the casino industry, many experts say that it is time for regulators and Governments to step up and show they can be adaptable and flexible. The industry is always known to seek innovative solutions since they are regulated while they have limited options, which means that casinos have opted for other options, not just gaming. 

For example, many casinos, especially resorts, have made the space to establish outdoor gaming areas. Many of them already have outdoor terraces and smoking areas that can be easily repurposed. There are few examples of casinos, such as the new Circa Resorts & Casino that came with a retrofit example that was perfectly timed. Another great example is The Rooftop at The Hippodrome Casino in London, which takes the casino product outside the box. What is also interesting to know is that moving from indoors to outdoors requires Government and Regulatory adaptations in many jurisdictions. 

The big cities have already adapted streetscapes to extend restaurant and bar space to help those elements of the hospitality industry. The same was done for the casino industry, that has other elements that can support the hospitality industry. Besides, Damien says that when it comes to the feeling of “inviting” if people can’t travel to the desired location, then casinos should do what integrated resorts have done. 

The Londoner, Macao

Caesar Palace from Las Vegas is the prime example and the first themed casino property. They bring the location to their visitors and offer them unforgettable experiences. This article will highlight the fantastic and inspirational achievements that were accomplished by Sol Kerzner, who created consistent, exceptional experiences for decades. Besides, when The Londoner Macao was first announced, Damien wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. But now, The Londoner Macao is setting a new trend, creates exceptional experiences and maintains Las Vegas Sands as the premier casino operator in an integrated entertainment resort worldwide. 

When The Londoner Macao has opened a press release from Las Vegas Sands noted that The Londoner Macao is bringing together the very best iconic elements of London. From spectacular recreations of world-famous London’s landmarks to London’s inspired public spaces, accommodation, restaurants, retail and entertainment. The Londoner Macao is a celebration of the British design. 

Last Words

Damien believes that the casino industry has plenty of examples of reinventing itself in the hospitality industry. Casinos can look upon Circa Resort & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, The Londoner Macao and even The Rooftop at the Hippodrome Casino in the real London will make visitors drop their jaws as they tour these facilities.    

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