Should You Move Your Business To Austin?

Business in AustinFor location independent entrepreneurs, picking a city to call home isn’t always necessary. You have the freedom to move around as you please. But some business owners need a physical location to set up shop. And even wandering cowboy entrepreneurs need a place to stay and recharge their engines sometimes. Planning a move for your business? Expanding? Or creating a brand new start-up? You should come to Austin, Texas.

Of course many Austinites love to complain about all the annoying newcomers coming in from out of state. But really, it’s not much of a secret anymore. There’s no point in trying to hide it. I’m sure you’ve heard by now…and it is true. Austin is pretty amazing. Even Daryl, Pam, and Jim decided to move down here to Texas. So, you know it’s gotta be kick-ass!

I’ve been living here since 2001. And while the city has changed quite a bit since then, it still has a lot to offer new residents, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Our city is located in the heart of Texas along the banks of the Colorado River. It’s the capital of the Lone Star State. It was settled back in 1835 by the Father of the Republic of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. You can still visit his grave at the State Cemetery the East Side of town. By the 1970’s Austin was a laid-back college town crawling with hippies. And although it still retains some of that old energy, Austin is no longer a sleepy college town.  It has transformed itself into a world-class city.


Why Move To Austin?

So why should you move your business to Austin?

Well, for one thing it’s located in Texas. Sure, lots of folks hate Texas and Texans. But, there is really no denying that Texas is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. There is no state income tax and no corporate income tax here. That helps. And Texas isn’t some foreign country. Once you get here you realize it’s pretty much the same as the rest of America.

Real estate does tend to be cheaper. Texas is big and so there’s a lot of space. So, you get more for you money than you would on the coasts. Keep in mind that Austin can be more expensive than other parts of the state.

Texas also offers a variety of incentives for new businesses and entrepreneurs. These include the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. Texas also has financing, grants, workforce development, and tax incentives for businesses.

Austin is part of the so-called Texas Triangle. That means that the city is in close proximity to other Texas economic juggernauts including Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, and San Antonio. Strong ties to these large and vibrant cities means more opportunities to build and expand your enterprise. And of course Texas shares a long border with Mexico, so Nuevo Laredo is just a four hour drive from Austin.



But why choose Austin over other Texas cities? You could always go to Dallas, Houston, or another town. Well, Austin is arguably the coolest city in the country right now. That’s right, it is probably much cooler than your city. In pretty much every way. And that includes you,  New York City and Los Angeles.

But that’s not just bragging for the sake of it…the coolness factor matters for business owners. Austin draws young, educated, talented, and creative people in droves. Smart, happy, positive people like living here. And that good energy manifests and feeds on itself…you can feel the positive entrepreneurial vibe all around the city.

Many of those young people start off as students at the University of Texas. Others, like me, come in their mid-twenties. And we end up staying. And that just keeps replenishing the pool of young, educated workers. Which is great for businesses looking to hire top talent. And solo entrepreneurs looking for support will find plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow creative types here.

In addition to being business friendly, Austin offers an unparalleled quality of life. It’s known for constant live music, amazing nightlife, Longhorn football, and plenty of outdoor activities. Austin is billed as the Live Music Capital of the World.  It also has great art and lots of entertainment options. The city is a mecca of bars, concerts, and high-quality restaurants. Austin also hosts many outstanding and world-class festivals including annual events like the new Formula One Races, the Austin City Limits festival, and the South By Southwest Festival.

Really, Austin is just a great place to live for anybody looking to improve their quality of life. The city has tried hard to establish and maintain a reputation for being ‘weird.’ But don’t let that fool you…Austin is very attractive. Even for normal people. And it’s an especially good choice for young entrepreneurs or established business owners looking for greener pastures.

If you are looking to make a positive change then you should consider a move to Central Texas. Get out of your lame town and move here at once. Once you get here, you will see why everyone loves it. And you’ll probably never want to leave.

What are your thoughts on moving to Austin?

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