5 Tips for Anyone Wanting to Buy Real Estate in Waco

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Are you looking to take the plunge and become a real estate investor? In a state as large as Texas, you may find yourself wondering where the best area to invest in property is. As Texas continues to grow, large cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are getting overcrowded.

Many families are beginning to move to the suburbs to dodge city dwellers and commute to work instead. Waco is a quaint town smack dab in the middle of Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth. With a regional airport, historic sites, and numerous options for outdoor activities, Waco is on the rise. Below, we outline 5 helpful tips if you’re looking to buy real estate in Waco, Texas.

1.  Financing Real Estate Property

Buying a rental property can seem overwhelming. Knowing how to engage in real estate business and financially calculate costs, profits, and other expenses can become tricky. While purchasing a residential home only requires a down payment of around 3%, mortgage lenders often require a minimum of a 20% down payment for investment properties. By requiring money upfront, lenders protect themselves financially but it means you may find yourself unable to afford a property to invest in.

Luckily, there are numerous options for securing a rental property. For example, you can look into Waco hard money lenders which allow you to get a loan based on your assets rather than your financial history. This means if you have debt from student loans, medical bills, or a lower credit score, you don’t need to worry. Hard money loan investors issue loans based on your assets and the equity of your rental property. Additionally, the government rewards rental property owners with a reduced tax rate with better benefits, so you can make a larger profit.

2. Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

As more people move to Waco, increased demand for services comes too. In Waco, the retail market is expanding, which is why investing in commercial real estate is a great opportunity to jump on. Take your business adventures to the next level by investing in commercial office buildings, retail buildings, and industrial buildings. Waco is beginning to become a hub for industries like healthcare and business, meaning more companies are going to be looking for a place to call home. In order to fund this endeavor, think about getting a partner, or negotiate a lease with the option to buy, so you don’t need as much money upfront.


3. Housing Real Estate Opportunities

If commercial property isn’t your speed, there are plenty of residential properties in Waco to invest in. As new jobs are being created, more employees will be needed. No one likes a long commute, so buying foreclosed homes and flipping them will be cheap and give new residents a place to stay. Using real estate websites and apps will help you begin your journey to buying a property to invest in. Downtown Waco is flourishing with local businesses and shops, while the neighborhoods offer a suburban feel residents love. Investing in residential housing and renovating them will also pay off in the long run if you ever plan to sell your home.

4. Local Attractions

One of the reasons Waco is rapidly expanding is for its many attractions. Many are deciding to move to Waco because of its central location and opportunities for enjoyment. For example, the BRS Surf Resort offers fun activities like surfing, a giant Royal Flush Slide, and intense cable park. Other town highlights include the Cameron Park Zoo and the famous Dr. Pepper Museum, where one of America’s most famous soft drinks was created. Activities like these draw in waves of people, so investing in real estate and listing it on home rental sites will allow you to make money working right from your own home!

5. College Sector

Waco, TX is a bustling college town. What does this mean for you? A never-ending demand for housing. Living off campus is a popular choice for many college students. It’s often cheaper than college housing prices and gives students more autonomy with their living arrangements. Baylor University has around 15,000 undergraduate students and brings tons of diversity and demand to Waco’s economy. As a college town, many millennial graduates are staying in the area as they enter the workforce. Capitalizing on this unique population will ensure you have a steady income with your rental property for years to come.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Waco, Texas has a lot to offer. In terms of real estate, now is the time to buy before it’s all gone! Begin by looking into ways to finance your home, then research the market in areas such as commercial and residential properties, industry sectors, and demographics of people who are looking to rent and you’ll be a successful property owner in no time!

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