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In today’s review, I’ll be looking at a program called Modern Millionaires.

Modern Millionaires is an online business program that wants to help you build a 7-figure lead generation agency from scratch -no skills, degree or experience required.

Their rag-to-riches stories are inspiring, sure. But can they really help a beginner build a successful online business?

I thought it would be cool to take a look and see what’s good and what’s bad about it, so I’ve gone through the Modern Millionaires reviews on BBB and found 7 things you should totally know about if you’re thinking of signing up.

Let’s dive right in.

What you’ll get with Modern Millionaires?

According to their website, with Modern Millionaires you’ll learn what it takes to build a lead generation agency. This means learning how to get clients, pitch to them, and the process of running ads for their business.

The program offers over +20 hours of video tutorials that will guide you through every step of starting your own lead generation agency. The main training is divided into 4 modules, each containing structured lessons and some pretty useful resources.

Here’s the structure of what you’ll learn inside Modern Millionaires:

  • Module 1: The Basics
  • Module 2: Prospecting
  • Module 3: Traffic Acquisition (Google Ads, FB Ads and Lead Nurturing)
  • Module 4: Automation

Before accessing the main training content though, you can choose which of the 3 packages they have is the right fit for you and your needs.

These are:

1)   Do It Yourself Package (DIY)

This option is designed for those with a solid entrepreneurial mindset who are seeking a proven method to make money online.

The DIY package provides you with the basic tools and resources you need to get started building your agency for yourself. This includes a 4-week training material, step-by-step video tutorials and access to the private Facebook community.

You will also have access to the daily coaching calls where the team behind Modern Millionaires outlines actionable steps and plans you can follow to get your business moving in the right direction.

2)   Done With You Package (DWY)

This option is for people who will take advantage of the additional structure and accountability.

This package includes everything that is included in the DIY package, plus access to the Modern Millionaires 90-day agency bootcamp.

In addition, you will get an assigned personal coach and weekly 1-on-1 calls with them.

These 3-hours calls are created to be as hands-on as possible and will be focused on your specific business and market while providing direct feedback on any issues that may arise.

3)   Done For You Package (DFY)

Finally, the DFY package does everything for you – including setting up your agency website, building a client acquisition system, traffic generation and customer service management.

All that’s left for you to do is collect profits!

If you have the money but not the time to build an agency, this is the option for you.

What does “BBB” mean?

In case you don’t, BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, which is an organization that reviews companies and gives them ratings based on complaints received from customers who have used their services or bought their products.

A great way to get information about a training product for online marketing is to check out their BBB reviews.

Here are the top 7 things that are usually mentioned by the students who have taken the Modern Millionaires program:

Modern Millionaires | 7 things I find on their BBB Reviews

The Good

1)    The BBB rating for Modern Millionaires is a 4.38/5

The BBB rating for Modern Millionaires is 4.38/5 with only a few complaints in the past two years!

That’s a great rating and I find that impressive especially considering they’ve been in business since 2018.

When you compare other online digital marketing academies out there, you’ll see that they don’t even get close to that rating on BBB.

2)    They training materials are top-notch according to their students

Many testimonials praise the depth of information and training materials as well as the course’s ability to help anyone from a complete newbie to an experienced marketer.

As with any training program, you’ll find some people who complain that they didn’t get results or that there are some topics that can be a bit vague.

However, most of the reviews are positive.

Their students like the quality of the training materials, and they mention that the course is structured in a way that lets you get started with implementation quickly.

Many of them even say they were able to enroll clients right away and start earning money withing a few weeks because of the quality of the training materials and personal support they received from their coaches.

3)    The best about Modern Millionaires is their community group

They offer excellent support to their students, especially inside their private Facebook group– it’s made up of over 5,500 active members who genuinely want to help each other to achieve the same goal of financial freedom.

The vast majority of BBB reviews mention how helpful this support system is for people who have questions or need help with something related to their course or business in general.

4)    They offer extremely valuable weekly training led by industry experts

According to their BBB reviews, the Modern Millionaires program offers useful weekly mastermind training and Q&As.

Students say that these webinars are really valuable because they can learn from industry experts on topics such as Google and Facebook ads, High Level sales training, etc.

Reviews on BBB are saying that this weekly training is one of the most valuable part of their membership.

5)    Lots of students praise their customized mentorship

This is probably the most common thing I see from Modern Millionaires’ BBB reviews.

Students say that they have a mentor who actually cares and take action to help them. This is a huge benefit for any student, especially for those who are struggling..

They appreciate that it’s not just the same set of lessons delivered to everyone, which is a testament to Modern Millionaires’ commitment to individualized training.

It reflects the company’s philosophy that one-size-fits-all teaching is ineffective and out of touch with students’ needs.

The Bad

6)    They don’t offer refunds.

While there are a few reviews on BBB complaining about the fact that they tried to get a refund and didn’t get an answer, the reality is that Modern Millionaires doesn’t offer a refund.

There are some reviews pointing this out, but it’s also clearly stated on their website.

This isn’t unusual, and it’s not even something we’re going to ding them for. While most products have a money-back guarantee, some don’t have one. And that’s okay!

As long as it’s clear what you’re getting into when you sign up, then they aren’t doing anything wrong.

7)    It’s a lot of work!

Everyone who writes about Modern Millionaires on BBB seems to talk about how hard it is, how much time you need to invest and how important it is to stay focused.

As with any legitimate business opportunity or money-making scheme, it will take some time and hard work to really get going. You need to do your research as well!

But as most reviews point out, if you put in the time and effort, then this could be an opportunity for you.


While these BBB reviews don’t necessarily guarantee anything, they do show that Modern Millionaires is a legit program that provides a valuable service.

It’s true that each person’s experience is unique; but all these BBB reviews are important as they show some of the common themes that come up in the program.

Now, if this review wasn’t able to answer your specific questions about Modern Millionaires, my best advice to you would be to try the program for yourself!

I think that it’s important to gain as much information as possible before committing yourself to a long-term education program; however, only you can decide whether or not Modern Millionaire is a right fit for you.

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