6 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work for Your Business

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the way the people purchase products and services has dramatically changed. Today, people prefer browsing online retail stores for products and often, order online. Moreover, to decide about which product/service to buy, many people prefer checking the online reviews about it.

Over 80% of customers admit that they completely trust the online reviews and positive reviews about a product or a brand make them more inclined towards it. Here are some well-established online review factswhich exhibit the significance of these reviews in the buying decisions taken by potential customers.

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  • More than 90% of consumers occasionally or regularly read online reviews about a local business to find out whether it is good or bad.
  • About 90% agree that the positive online reviews greatly influence their buying decision.
  • Approx 84% customers trust the online reviews the way they trust the personal recommendations
  • If you ask them to, 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review for your business
  • Over 50% potential customers will visit your website after reading a positive review about it.

Undoubtedly, all these facts signify how important the online reviews are and why every business should try to get more online reviews.

While the online reviews are quite effective in boosting your sales, but, how you use them can make a considerable difference in the benefits that you can fetch from them. Online reviews can impact your business in multiple ways and here are the top 6 ways in which you can make the online reviews work for your business.

Showcase The Positive Reviews About Your products On Social Platforms

The more you make people read the positive reviews about your brand, the more they will be inclined towards it. So, don’t be shy about utilizing the positive reviews from your customers on various platforms and online media. You can use the positive reviews on your social media posts, email promotions and several other platforms where people can easily spot them.

Use Positive Reviews As A Marketing Tool

What can be a better way to market your products and services than highlighting the positive reviews from your existing customers. Use the customer reviews in your product promotions to boost your sales and acquire higher market share.

Use The Positive Reviews To Enhance Your Search Engine Rankings

Positive reviews can enhance your search engine rankings in numerous ways. The positive reviews are so powerful that they dramatically increase the chances of getting your products listed in the search whenever people search for the product category which they hail from. By using “rich snippets” you can make your product reviews appear in the search results. The rich snippets are the bits of code which inform the search engines about your reviews while allowing you to mark certain reviews from a group of reviews.

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Respond To the Negative Reviews

Not only positive reviews, but, you can also make the negative reviews work for you. If you see a negative review about your product or brand, instead of ignoring or hiding it, respond to it. Ty to interact with the customer to find out why they gave a negative review about your product and  try to eliminate the problem to turn the customer from a negative reviewer to a loyal patron.

Put Your Reviews On Third Party Review Sites

There are many sites which provide a detailed review of products and services like phone review sites or gaming apps review sites. Such sites exist for every product category. Submit a detailed product description of your product on one of these sites along with the positive reviews about that product. A lot of potential customers visit these sites and positive reviews showcased here may work in your favor.

Encourage Customers To Provide Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, the more the better. So, in order to make the online reviews work for your business, ensure that you encourage your customers to rate your products/services while providing a review or testimonial.

These are the top ways in which you can make the online reviews wok in favor of your business and deliver optimum benefits.

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