Modern Currency: The Use of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

Modern technology is a thing of wonder. It helped us do a lot of tasks that would have been impossible without it. For example, typing words on a computer is definitely faster than writing it using only your hands. It even looks more uniform when printed compared to manual writing. It has also improved efficiency in certain aspects in our life like transportation and learning. We can now travel faster even in longer distances and education can now be shared all over the world. This is leads us to two of aspects that drastically changed the way we live our life today: communication and marketing.

The internet’s role in the development of human civilization has been crucial in terms of its effects in the society. It was once only a pet project of the United States Army in order to secure information and other military functions. However, it is now an accessible collection of information that is used worldwide. Most people, especially in the urban areas, now have access and enjoy all the perks that it could give to the masses.

Communication is now much easier thanks to the power of the internet. With just a few clicks, you can now send tons of messages without spending a lot on international calls and texts. You can even chat in real time and see the other person like you are just sitting right next to each other.

With these advantages, a lot of businesses started taking advantage and used it to advertise their products and services. This is in turn led to the globalization of marketing and focusing more on globally-competitive strategies (read more). One of the advantages of focusing on this is reaching new markets. This increases the chances of making profits which could lead to bigger returns for the business. With this in mind, the way to pay for these products and service online became the real issue. How can you trust another person or a company that you just discovered through the net?


One of the first ways to pay through the internet is through service providers like PayPal. However, since the internet was not all that great during those times, people needed to go to their stores just to send money. It worked for a while and then banks decided to let their clients use their cards for online transactions. This led to the online marketing business boom of the 2000’s. Most products and services that were sold online were usually considered vintage or rare. Now, even the most common items and everyday services are now available online. A lot has changed in the landscape of online transactions and yet some think that this might not be enough.

A lot of people decided to develop another currency that is more accessible for both online businesses and their clients. The term “world currency” has been thrown around even as early as the prior decade – a single currency for the world so that you do not need to track multiple types of currencies anymore.  It is understandable because each of these currencies today change its amount daily and it can be difficult to comprehend and keep track of all of it. This was the birth of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is like any other currency in this world except that it does not have a physical representation like a paper bill or coin. You can obtain it through buying from cryptocurrency sources, the world market or you can even mine it yourself through the use of specialized computers. It can take a lot of time to mine even just one cryptocurrency coin, but its value in the real world can be massive. A single Bitcoin for example, can be worth a thousand dollars in the world market. It can go higher or lower depending on the status of the world market but you can always check it out at sites like This can help you track the trends of your cryptocurrency in the world market and can help you decide when to invest or sell.

While investing crypto is certainly not for everyone, you should at least learn more about it before you decide that it isn’t for you. We are heading in a linear direction. This means that the developments we experience now will only progress even further. Sooner or later, we may actually start using online money for a large part of our purchases. So why not start learning about it now?

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