Need Mobile Storage for Your Start-up? Pick One of These Vans


If your new business requires the use of a van day in, day out, then you’re going to want to pick something good, both to get the job done, and to give a good impression to any customers and clients that might see you. With this in mind, we’ve come up with this shortlist of three different vans that we think are the best you can buy in different size classes.

Small Van: Fiat Fiorino

If you won’t need to be carrying masses of stock or equipment, then you’ll be wanting something small and economical. The Fiat Fiorino fits the bill perfectly, being a good combination of cheaper than its rivals, more spacious than its rivals, and with a solid range of engines to choose from. It’s related to the Citroen Nemo and Peugeot Bipper but those are limited in the engines you can choose from. It’s a good idea to compare this family of vans using someone like the V Cars because they’re quite similar. If you’re going to be doing a lot of driving about, then it’s also good to know that as this van is based on the same chassis as the Punto hatchback car, it’s good to drive.

Mid-Sized Van: Ford Transit Custom

The Transit is a staple workhorse in Europe, and has been the bestselling van in the region for decades. It’s no surprise then, that the van finds its way on to many shortlists – it’s got the reputation, the pedigree and most importantly the capability to deliver just what its drivers need. The latest model is very flexible indeed, available in a variety of different configurations. If you’re going for a mid-sized van, then the mid-sized Transit is also the best choice, and probably will be next year and the year after that too!

Large Van: Mercedes Sprinter

If however you need something larger, then the Mercedes Sprinter range of large van configurations is the one to choose from. It does overlap in configuration with the Transit, but at the larger end of the scale is where it shines. It’s not going to be the cheapest of options, but if you’re deadly serious about making an impression, then this is certainly the van to choose. For the money you’re also getting Mercedes refinement and the potential for much stronger engines than you’ll find in other Vans, including a 3.0-litre V6 diesel.

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