Mercedes Struggles to Keep up with Redbull as Verstappen Extends Lead at French Grand Prix

Fresh off his victory over Lewis Hamilton, at the French Grand Prix, Max Verstappen renewed hopes of a win for the Red Bull team. 

Passing Hamilton with just two laps to go, Verstappen secured an impressive advantage over the Mercedes team in an intense Grand Prix that didn’t disappoint

Mercedes Struggles to Keep up with Redbull

Rising up the ranks

Leaving the world number one in the dust, Verstappen increased his championship-lead to 12 points over Hamilton. 

With the Austrian Grand Prix just days away, home-track advantage could see Red Bull increase their lead. Setting them up to win the season for the first time since 2013. 

Verstappen has been hot on the wheels of the Mercedes team of late. In 2019 and 2020 he came close to beating the world’s best F1 team. Turning him into a verified candidate for world number one status in 2021. 

Fall of a titan 

Mercedes have won every F1 season since 2014. With Hamilton claiming six of those seven titles. Verstappen’s continued success on the track has left the Mercedes team struggling to make ground on Red Bull’s lead. 

Hamilton may be the most-decorated F1 driver of all time, but he is lagging 23-year-old Verstappen this year. 

Speculation about Hamilton’s departure from the sport have been rife. Hamilton himself confessed he had considered quitting the sport. With many spectators expecting him to bow out before the 2021 season.

A new day in Formula 1

It will be a great day for Verstappen, Red Bull and the F1 fans should he steals the world title this year. Interrupting Hamilton’s run of successive wins, record-smashing results and surpassing Schumacher’s titles will disrupt F1’s status quo. 

Whether Hamilton returns next season with renewed zeal remains to be seen. What is clear is that more challengers will be chasing his titles.

On the road

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While your car might not whizz around Monaco on a regular basis, it is still important to have the right cover in place. 

Verstappen’s lead over Hamilton looks set to grow. This Formula 1 season might be momentous for Red Bull and historic for the current world title holder.

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