The Millennial Era of Ink and Blood

The world is a ruthless place. While we are busy in our offices trying balance the see-saw of demand and supply, there are people in the world who are dying in this ruthless war. And this war may not necessary be one of bloodshed.

There is a great saying, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. If there is martyrs’ blood, certainly the whole nation mourns. This leads to a popular demand “avenge the blood!’. Is blood for blood sacred?

The power of ink is immense, it has given humanity education, evolution, entertainment and enhancement of the world at large. Today mankind commands the sea, sky, surface and the universe as such. How? It is because of the knowledge delivered and preserved through drops of ink. On the other hand, through martyrs’ blood what we get is unabated pain, tears and uncontrollable sorrow.

Words from ink are powerful and sacred. Words sell, words persuade, words influence. They forge smiles, dry tears, heal wounds, and abolish fears. Hence, Sir Edward George Lytton wrote in 1839, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. The great mobilization of mankind for social and industrial revolutions has been possible through sheer writing. The successes of Lenin, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, and Gandhi have been their extraordinary skills with ink. Today, we know of great Kings like Ashoka, Akbar, and Alexander because of the ink which preserved their history.

The ink truly is far more sacred than the blood strewn by martyrs. Martyrs’ blood creates venom in mankind and leads to self destruction. The blood game is the only game in which both sides lose.
Hands wield the sword in the realm of the flesh and blood, but the intellect wields the ink in the realm of understanding and spirit. The clatter of the sword rings out for a moment on the battlefield, but the scratching of the pen may murmur through the ages.

Our thoughts and opinions, justice and beliefs, rules and regulations can only be written in ink. You cannot enforce justice and peace through the mightiest sword. The rule of ink can make the world a peaceful place.
It is said that there are three kinds of legacy we can leave behind, ‘have a child, plant a tree or write a book’, but no legacy is left behind by blood. Let us be united through one agenda of peace for saving the entire humanity through ink, and throw away the sword to prevent any more martyrs’ blood.

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