Why are co-working offices the next revolution?


Wearing a suit and tie and going to your office seems like a daunting task, doesn’t it? Co-working spaces are here to remove that fear from our mind. The concept of co-working offices, which includes sharing the workspace with different people, is not new but has recently become extremely popular due to the tremendous growth in the activity-based work requirements. The demand for shared spaces, that is co-working spaces, has increased across the globe for reducing the capital costs and for increasing the flexibility of working.

Increase in online communications, freelance working and a variety of start-ups has increased the need to share the workspace for meetings, networking and collaborations. Co-working offices address all these needs and tend to the on-demand needs of the occupants. Global business scenario has increased the need to work at premium locations, which can be extremely expensive considering the capital investments, Co-working offices are here to reduce those costs. Co-working offices which are optimally serviced workspaces will ensure that you get to collaborate with your co-workers in a fun and relaxed environment, making it easier for you to work in a stress-free space. About 75 percent co-working professionals have mentioned explicitly that working in a co-working office increased their motivation level as they had better interactions with their team members and also with people from other teams.

Working with a wide variety of professionals will give you an access to potential clients, making it easy for the marketing team. You will meet people from other teams who will be interested in your work and will also guide you if you face any troubles. Complete strangers in a co-working office often come together to solve problems and these discussions will surely help you to work efficiently. People will be ready to help you at no extra cost and soon you will be doing cool things with complete strangers. Co-working spaces often see people exchanging services, thus building trust and relationship.

A lot of co-working spaces host seminars, conferences and workshops, free of cost. This gives you an opportunity to learn something new, something different from what you actually do. A co-working office will surely help you to be a well-rounded professional. You can learn the basics of web programming and the business management tactics sitting at your desk, at no extra cost.

The co-working sector in India is expected to receive $400 million investment by 2018. Large corporate firms prefer to have offices at premium locations for better work accessibility, hence co-working offices are a go to solution for them. The top cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad have seen a rapid growth in this sector and this is just the beginning of this revolution. A co-working office is bound to reduce your costs by 20-25% as compared to the traditional office system.

Co-working environment will make sure that you work to your potential and develop all sorts of skills by interacting with the people around you. Some people believe that such casualisation of workplace might be a bad thing. This casualisation might lead to conversion of full-time work into part-time work. Some people have been seen complaining that co-working places can be noisy and at times hard to work in. Working at an office or at the convenience of your house might seem to be ideal, but let’s face it, we humans love to work with others.

Co-working spaces are a sense of community. They link you to the people you are working with and to other strangers as well. This sense of work is more than a revolution for small businesses and this idea is here to stay. Join the revamped workspace.



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