Mid-Year Business Checkup: How Are Those Resolutions Coming Along?

Back in January, you vowed to launch a number of business-related resolutions to help keep your employees more engaged with their work and your company.

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Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to assess those resolutions and see what type of progress you’ve made. It’s okay if you still have plenty on that to-do list of yours — most business owners have a really long list of goals and other tasks they wish to accomplish. But by naming some of the common business resolutions and offering a few handy tips and words of advice, you might be able to finally cross these resolutions off your list.

Resolution 1: Improve Office Security

To help keep employees engaged at work, it is important that they feel safe. Even if your office is located in a statistically safe neighborhood, it can still feel unsettling to walk to and from the building either early in the morning or late at night. If you have been vowing to improve your office security, there is no time like the present to get going on this goal. Fortunately, updating your security measures does not have to take a huge amount of time, and depending on your skills as a handyperson, you can probably tackle the installation yourself. For example, Lorex sells a wide selection of security camera systems including wireless models that feature flexible installation options. The wireless security camera systems offer the same features as wired cameras from Lorex; this includes HD-quality recording, infrared night vision and motion detection sensors. Once the cameras have been installed, send out a company email to let everyone know that you that they are in place, and that you welcome any questions your team has about them.

Resolution 2: Get to Know Them

If you spent the 2018 holiday party thinking, “I really don’t know my employees as well as I should,” it is never too late to work on your resolution to get to know them better. As Nut Cache notes, spending time with employees is an easy, effective and fun way to keep them engaged at work. If you learn about their families, backgrounds, hobbies, fave sports teams and more, you can improve your rapport with your employees. Look for pockets of time during the day to chat with your team and ask them what they did over the weekend, and/or ask questions about the photos that they may have on their desks. If you routinely head out for lunch, stick around the break room instead and chat with everyone over your sandwiches and salads. This seemingly simple tip will help your employees feel like their presence is known and appreciated and that you think of them as much more than merely warm bodies doing work, but valued members of your team.

Resolution 3: Be Transparent About Promotion Policies

For months, you have intended to create and post a clear promotion policy. You promote from within your company from time to time, and you also hire outside people to come in for certain positions. As Forbes says, being objective and transparent in your promotional policies will help to reduce any feelings of resentment that may take place when an outsider is hired instead of a high performing current employee, which in turn can improve their engagement. If you make it clear that someone was hired for a job because of certain managerial traits and experience, it can help to reduce any negativity. You can work with your HR department on your promotion policy and then have it accessible to everyone; you can also make sure that everyone is current in their latest reviews and make it a point to meet with each team member on a regular basis to go over their goals for advancement.

Finish 2019 Stronger Than Ever

The great thing about resolutions is that they can be picked up and worked on all year long, not just in January. By adopting these three resolutions as well as any others that you have on your list, you will end 2019 with a solid team of highly engaged employees who appreciate all that you do for the company.

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