Marketing Ideas for Thriving in the Escort Industry

Running an escort agency is far from simple – you’ll be faced with legal, societal, and, marketing challenges. You need to find creative and unique ways to build your brand and ensure you keep attracting a decent amount of clients each month. This article will help you get the basics of marketing for escort services right and establish a relatively stable revenue stream. 

Online marketing

How to Advertise for Your Service Properly

The way you advertise for your escort service is far different from traditional marketing. You can’t run an ad in the newspaper or show a short clip on primetime TV. The only place you have for advertisement is the internet, and you need to make use of it:

Realize that Only People Near You Matter 

Escort services are local. You don’t care about people from other cities or countries, and that’s why it is necessary to curtail your ads. Generally, the most profitable demographics is the 35-45 years old male that’s living in the same city. When buying ad space, make sure you’re targeting this demographic. 

Where to place the Ads? 

This is another important question you need to ask yourself. You can’t just place the ads on some family-friendly YouTube video, no. There are mainly two places on the internet that are relatively successful. 

  • Porn websites are the primary place for your ad placements. People visiting porn websites are largely single and most definitely aroused, which makes them a great target. The only problem being the fact that porn websites are filled with spammy ads that most viewers just ignore. If you’re going to spend money placing ads here, you need to ensure your ads come off as authentic and trustworthy. You need to find some way to make the average porn viewer click on your website.
  • Blogs and websites that talk about fetishes and sex in general: sex-positive websites that talk about fetishes, sex, etc. generally attract a lot of liberal people that don’t mind using an escort service. If you’re offering services related to those fetishes, it is a great way to advertise for your business. People generally have a much easier time acting out their fetishes with escorts. 

  What Kind of Ads Should You Place?

The text, the image, and the design of your ads will all play a major role in how successful your marketing campaign will be. You need to emphasize a few things that are important for potential clients: 

  • Talk about the kind of escorts you have: when advertizing, show attractive pictures of your models. Your whole business relies on them, and you need them in the marketing campaign if you want to be successful. Look at how this professional service flaunts their female escorts in the UK
  • Emphasize security: many of the people who hire an escort want to make sure their names will never get out. You need to ensure you provide full confidentiality and you have no names leaked. This will be a cornerstone in building a recurrent client base that trusts your company.
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