How Marketing Funnel Has Changed In Digital World?


In today’s world, the way in which a shopper purchases things has changed enormously. It is no longer a simple way in which the company publicises their product and the buyer buys it. Nowadays, the options have increased and the shopper now looks for better deals. The buyer checks all the available options for the deals and purchases from the one where they get the best deal!

What exactly is funnel?

The process of buying any product nowadays resembles the one explained above. So, it is said that in today’s world of gadgets, the process has no longer remained limited to only sales, but it all about marketing now.

Observing this trend, it is said that the sales funnel is changing! Not only changing, it can be said that it is completely dead now.

Just like smartphones, the buyers have become smart and look for every possible alternative to get the best offers and best quality products. Whether it is purchasing a small toy or clothes, every one now wants high quality and best deals! So, the role of digital marketing in these scenarios become very important!

 Role of Digital Marketing in changed marketing funnel

With the increase in the usage of smartphones, the online shopping has also increased. Online shopping has not only increased options for the shoppers, but has made the competition among the retailers’ even worst. As all the options are available at one click, the buyers can quickly decide which the best deal is and how can they get it.

Online shopping has changed the way you shop because you can shop anytime and anywhere according to your convenience. So, here digital marketing decides the fate of your brand. The more popular you get through digital marketing, more customers you are likely to get!

Due to increased competition, the companies need to be more innovative and should be able to understand what people exactly need. Also, they should be able to convince people on how their products are the best and are offered at the best deals as compared to others in the market.

To accomplish all these tasks, one needs to get a centralised marketing team, which can campaign at all the touch points and identify the right consumers and their needs. According this survey, they should be able to properly publicise their product on the digital media. This is really important because now the means by which the buyers shop have changed enormously! Everything in some way or the other has changed to digital!

So, lastly it can be said that the market has completely lost the predictability of the sales funnel, which was once considered the basis for sales! On the other hand, what we all have achieved in this process is much more valuable, which helps the companies in connecting with their right consumers and get the correct feedback in order to improve themselves and raise their profits to a greater level with each passing day!

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