Linkody Review- The Complete Guide 2019

Building backlinks is the most important thing you can do for your SEO efforts in 2019. And in order to do so, you need to create an effective link-building strategy. 

One that helps you get links and track them as you grow. In other words, you need to create a plan on how you will start building backlinks for your website.

And we are not just talking about any backlinks. You should avoid low quality, spammy backlink sources, unnatural anchor texts or bought links. 

Instead, if you want to rank highly in SERPs, you want backlinks that are obtained naturally, from websites of a related niche and with high authority (preferably higher than yours).

The stronger your backlinks are, the more authority you gain in your niche in the long term.

That’s why a backlink management software is of major importance. Today, we review Linkody, a tool that helps you discover link building opportunities and manage your backlink portfolio.

Linkody: The one tool your business is missing.

Linkody’s goal is to simplify the link building process by helping you gain a better overview of your efforts and help you save time. After the details of your website have been added to the tool, you will be able to experience all of its features. 

Heading over to the Links tab, you will gain insights to your links’ metrics, such as their indexation status, Spam Score, Domain Authority, link status and more.


Within this tab, you will be able to perform the following actions:

1. Track your gained and lost backlinks

Linkody can track your backlinks 24/7 so you can quickly resolve any link-related issues. As a result, you’ll be able to make clear, data-driven decisions that will increase the performance of your SEO efforts.

Start by scrolling towards the bottom of your dashboard to check on the status of your backlinks and see the overview in a summarizing pie chart.

Under “status”, you will be able to see the status of your backlinks and if any action is required from your side. For example, when checking the example above we can see that one link is labeled as “LNF” which here stands for “Link Not Found”. In this case, the link has been removed.

To get even more detailed information on your links, you can apply different filters and check in more detail the status of each backlink. To do so, click on the Settings icon of a given backlink and select View All Data.

2. Perform competitor analysis

You can also use Linkody to research your competitors and all the links that are linking to them. This will help you discover new backlink opportunities to get a good idea of their anchor text strategy.

To start, click on “Add a Competitor” by hovering over the Competitors tab. Insert their URL and let the tool do its thing.


Once your competitor is added you will be able to go through a whole list of their backlinks, including the metrics you saw for your own links as well. Use this information to find where you could have your links placed and create a strategy to help you rank.

Note: Try to find opportunities with domains that have a similar Domain Authority as your website and ask for a “do-follow” backlink.

3. Get an overview through dynamic analytics

When it comes to checking your analytics, Linkody is undoubtedly one of the best tools you can use.

Head to the Analytics tab and go through the infographics. You can easily export the data into CSV format and find opportunities for improvement.


One section that is worth exploring is the Top Anchor Phrases. It is good to remember that a great backlink profile needs a diverse amount of anchor text, which means that you should emphasize on several branded phrases.

To get a full overview of your backlink profile, click on the Dashboard section. Once there, you will find useful information such as your latest backlinks, latest competitor links and a broad range of metrics.

4. Create powerful white-label reports

One of our favorite features and the one most useful for agencies and freelancers are the white-label PDF reports. Not only do these give a great overview of your link building efforts but it also indicates where you can work on in the future.

You can customize your PDF reports to your preference by clicking on the Settings icon and selecting PDF report.

From there, you can input the logo of your preference and the data that you’d like to show:


So, is the tool worth it?

Now that we’ve covered everything under the hood, it’s time for the breakdown of Linkody’s advantages: Now that you have a better idea of the software and how it works, let’s take a look at Linkody’s strong points as well as those that could be improved.


✓ Keeps your backlink efforts organized
✓ Saves time compared to manual link building
✓ Optimizes your posts and landing pages
✓ Helps you get new link-building opportunities


✗ Exclusively focused on backlinks


Linkody offers a very competitive pricing model starting from a low €14 (or $15) per month for webmasters, all the way to €135 (or $155) per month, mostly aimed to serve large agencies.

This, of course, does not mean you have to pull out your credit card just yet. Linkody offers a 30-day trial of its software to help you see if the tool fits your needs and helps you work more efficiently.


As a backlink tracking software, Linkody is a simple yet effective tool that helps you stay on track with your efforts.

While it is exclusively focused on link-building, it can offer many insights that will help you create a comprehensive SEO strategy, pointing you towards the right sources for new opportunities that can improve your rankings. Overall, using Linkody is much easier than any other similar tool we’ve used in the past. Therefore, before you go, find out more about Linkody by taking a free 30-day trial, no strings attached!

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