How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

grow your business with linkedinLinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that is still untapped by many.

Contrary to popular belief LinkedIn is not just a social media platform setup for job seekers. Instead it’s a way you can connect with like-minded individuals and grow your brand.

If you’ve yet to utilize the power of LinkedIn here’s how you can get started.

Set Up a Business Page

The first thing you’re going to need to do is set up a company page for your business.

You can do this by going to LinkedIn, clicking “Companies”, and then clicking “Add Company.” From there follow the directions to setup your account.

It’s important to note though that you do need an email address with your domain name in it rather than a free email address from Google or Yahoo.

You should be able to complete your company listing in thirty minutes or less.

Connect with Others

The first thing you want to do on LinkedIn is form connections with others. Start by adding friends, family, and other professionals that you may know.

Join LinkedIn Groups and actively answer questions others have on topics you know. The more you make it a point to connect with others and prove that you’re an expert in your area the more connections you will form.

Share Useful Content

In order to increase ecommerce sales with LinkedIn you need to share relevant content.

Start by sharing useful information regarding products or services that you sell. This information should be a good mixture of articles from across the web as well as your own blog posts.

Also be sure to link to your products.

If you’ve established authority on your topic people will naturally want to do business with you so your products should be easy to find.


If you’re consistently active on LinkedIn you should be able to make powerful connections and increase your sales.

Remember though, nothing happens immediately. You need to spend time on the network every day. With time your efforts will pay off.

Do you use LinkedIn to grow your business?

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  1. El Michelle says

    Great post, Robert! LinkedIN is slowly but surely working for me (finally! It’s TOTALLY about being active, just like with other social media networks) and these tips you gave are absolutely the way to go!

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