Kohana: Swift and Elegant PHP Framework


PHP offers web developers a great variety of frameworks aimed at making development of websites and web applications more efficient, fast and less complicated. One of these numerous frameworks is called Kohana. Kohana is an elegant PHP 5 framework which uses MVC (Model View Controller) architectural structure.

Kohana framework is known for a large set of instruments and components it offers for the development of web applications. This versatile framework is extremely lightweight, swift and highly secure. At the same time, it is very easy to use and extend.

Kohana is one of the fastest PHP frameworks, which means you can save much time if you choose it for building web applications. In addition to being swift and very efficient, this framework is carefully optimized to meet the requirements of modern web developers. It comes with a rich set of building components (like code profiling, translation tools, encryption validation, databases access, etc), which allow building applications quicker and with minimal effort consumption. With the help of special tools and libraries, it is possible to easily extend available components, as well as add new libraries. Identifying and fixing performances problems is also easy, as Kohana provides excellent profiling and debugging tools.

Kohana is a DRY framework that works with classes and objects. This means, all projects are built solely with PHP objects and classes. Moreover, the absence of long configuration files and code generators allows writing your own code quickly and easily. With Kohana, every stage of the project development will be under your strict control, as a straightforward routine structure and a thoroughly commented code will help better understand how is the framework doing as well as what is actually happening.

Since Kohana framework uses BSD license, it can be easily modified for commercial purposes. In other words, you can use this PHP framework to create various types of commercial applications.

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