Key Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2019

SEO strategies work to dominate the SERPs which in turn help you to earn more revenue. There are several articles all over the internet informing and guiding business investors with the perfect SEO strategy. But the most pertinent question to ask is how many of these strategies actually work? Theorizing and practical applications are two separate things.


In the following article, we will have a detailed look at the various Search Engine Optimization strategies for the current year, i.e. 2019. Our experts have compiled the following list and these are some of the more practical strategies that you can implement for your business to boost your sales and earnings.

Let us have a detailed look.

Understanding the user and audience preference

The very first step for devising the perfect SEO strategy is to understand the psychology of the users/consumers. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Would you prefer text? Images and Video? Or plain audio would do for you? According to the experts, knowing what your customer wants is half the job.

Look at it this way; even if the web-content of your domain seems appropriately written and unique, your campaign might still suffer from misdirection to the wrong audience base. Users expect an answer in the most straightforward format possible when they put in a keyword query. And to top it all off, the preferences and the interests of the audience keeps changing quicker than you think.   

What you should ideally work on is the enhancement of the audience journey once they hit up your domain or webpage. While creating the content, you need to focus solely on the user intent of the specific keywords. First, it is vital to check the SERPs to make sure your website has a high ranking for a targeted phrase. Try moving on to a new phase if your site doesn’t get listed in a particular directory. Anticipate follow-up queries, once the initial user-end search is complete.

Moving beyond the Google search

The critical SEO strategies are all about providing a business venture, brand or a product with adequate much-needed exposure. This is the sole reason why dominating the search result rankings are so very essential. Almost 90% of all internet searches around the world are Google-powered. This is why most of your typical SEO services like technical SEO Audits for example, concentrate on devising strategies specifically for Google.

However, according to our experts, Amazon, Apple, and other service providers are slowly but surely cutting into the dominance of Google. It has suddenly become imperative that you take into account these unique “search engines” as well. When a customer searches for apps, you must have successful SEO to drive your app higher. Similarly, when it is a podcast or video, strategies that propel the rank of the content higher at the streaming media hosting sites are required.

A strong brand needs to have a strong SEO. This essentially translates to expanding your venture for better coverage across all platforms. It is not just the websites and search engines. You need to devise SEO strategies for the home-assistants, audio devices, app-based or the “next-big-technology” based platforms. Ensure your brand reaches the target audience by designing strategies across all possible platforms.

Go for a structured data-markup

Unstructured data worked wonderful all these years because of a human user-end search. Google and other search engines are slowly moving into the unchartered territory of AI searches. The AI search is more specific and requires faster processing of the contents. Having a structured data markup is your way to ensure a head-start as opposed to your unaware competitors still investing in mobile-first searches.

If a contextual relationship exists between the topic searches and content, provided by structured data markup, it is entirely possible that your domain’s “findability” quotient increases. Information architecture, tags, and meta-data are all facets of the structured data markup. You can leverage the existing content and make it “speakable” to support the AI searches. The future is going screen-less, so make sure you are ready for it.

Creating unique content

Well, content was and will always remain the king! Google intensified the focus for evaluation and depth of website content through algorithm updates in 2018. This means if the content of your domain is weak in comparison to your competitors, you will suffer plummeting rankings continually as new material appear online.

A general rule of thumb to follow while creating strong content is not creating content just for the sake of keeping the debate or the blog alive. Content in the form of videos, audio files, images, articles or blog posts needs uniqueness and originality. Subsequent postings should connect, expand and follow-up. Moreover, the content requires a certain amount of consistency concerning quality and the information it provides. Going for the informational class and not the quantity is the way to go.   

Invest time in ethical snooping

You can invest a bit of time in snooping around for the conversion data, campaign driving the traffic and real-time sales for any website. There are online tools that offer you free trials. However, such posts are not meant to drive traffic for your domain. What you need to invest yourself in is the answering of the user query, getting the lead, link building, reputation and information management through your content. The most common and amateurish mistake to make is to think of SEO in technical terms and devising strategies to get the customers to your landing page. Instead, use the power of language to engage and guide the users to the next step.

Increase expertise and authority

The very vital E-A-T or the Expertise, Authority and the Trust factor is the quality rating guideline for Google. This is a critical trend which experts predict will continue into 2020. You cannot develop authority content unless you are the authority on the subject. Establish the E-A-T guidelines for your venture and experience growth like never before. It is all about the quality, and there are no two ways about it!

The distribution of content and promotion are all about your reputation and steps are required never to jeopardize your standing. Hire experts for every aspect from the authors to the marketers to drive your sales higher. A certain standard of expertise is what makes a venture stand-out from the crowd and makes for a relatable and easily identifiable brand globally.

The technical SEO tips

Yes, now we come to the sophisticated side of things. Websites are technical domains, and there are key areas to focus on. We have listed the technicalities for your ease of access.

Site speed

Go for simpler sites, ones which take a shorter time to load across all the major platforms. Google rewards site with faster loading times.


Search engines were designed keeping JavaScript in mind. So, familiarize yourself with Java and invest experts in working with the popular frameworks including Angular, Reacting and Vue.js.

The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Make your plans and devise strategies for contingency plans. Websites may soon become a thing of the past. Web apps are the future, so make sure you plan ahead.

The one-page optimizations

On page optimizations are highly crucial for 2019. The on-page optimizations are the silver bullet that you must have in your arsenal. Here is a list of all the critical on-page strategies that you can go for:

  • Make sure that the internal searches provide relevant results.
  • Ensure the restocking of commonly purchased item by the repeat customer.
  • Use chatbots to lighten the load on the servers for answering general queries and procedures.
  • Ensure the ease of navigation within the website.
  • Keep in mind that you can optimize your domain to increase the site loading speed as well.

Invest in voice search

Voice searches are the future. The mobility market has hit the peak and will slowly decline while AI driven voice searches and screen-less features are the latest hype. Well, it won’t happen in 2019 itself, but the stage is quite set for an explosion in an audio search.

According to the experts, it won’t happen right away, but more companies and venture firms are looking into voice optimization strategies. Think about voice searches as a longer conversational journey using voice instead of the search engine searches which is a typical “query” and “answer” relationship.

Right now, there is no provision for complex queries and comparison of products and services, but a shift of sorts is already in motion. Voice searches predominately allow for easy access while requesting answers in specific scenarios. Voice searches are critical for multi-national and multi-lingual firms and services. However, there are still kinks that need smoothening including the significant problem of differences of region, dialect and social class for voice searches.

That concludes our list of some of the critical strategies for SEO of your domain for 2019. Let us be honest, domain optimization is quite a technical challenge, so you should ideally hire experts to help you boost your sales. All the best!

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