Keeping Employees Safe in the Workplace


As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring your employees are aware of the day-to-day risks of the workplace. In additional to financial costs, accidents can have major effects of the attitude of employees in the workplace. And this is all ignoring the worst possible scenario: a potential loss of life that was caused by negligence. Many accidents can be avoided. Here are the basics on how to keep your employees safe in the workplace.

Preparing for Accidents

Making sure you are prepared for an accident in the workplace is the number one way to prevent it. The possibility of a fire is the number one risk facing your business and its employees. This is why assessments of the premises should be reviewed regularly, as well as ensuring all members of staff are aware of any of the risks identified. If your business has five or more people, it is your legal obligation to keep a written log of your fire risk assessments checks. Escape routes should also be both clearly marked and free from obstructions at all times. As your number of staff increases, remember to also increase the number of exits routes in your building, as you can’t rely on individuals to remain orderly in such high-pressure situations.

Because so many businesses are now a part of multi-storey office buildings, another risk to your employees is from falling from open windows.

Protecting Your Business

While the proper education and training can greatly minimise accidents in the workplace, you can never guarantee the event will never occur. Because of this, it’s vital that you take out the appropriate insurance policies to protect your businesses during this time.

Business interruption cover can help to compensate you on the loss of income you’ll suffer as your premises are being renovated to a workable standard again. Employers and public liability cover will also provide you with the protection your business will need should your company have to pay compensation to a member of staff who was injured due to an accident.

The health and safety on your employees is bigger than any other aspect of your business. Safeguarding them from workplace accidents is not simply a legislative matter, it’s also about producing an environment that people feel comfortable working in.

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