Jobs You Can Get with a Business Administration Degree

business administrationA degree in business administration can be an entry into a wide range of careers. While the first opportunities that come to mind might be in banking, finance, or manufacturing, there are many possibilities as well in product development, business analysis, IT management, and human resources. There is a need for experience in business administration in government agencies and non-profits. Any operation that requires organization and efficiency can benefit from a candidate with a degree in business administration. The following are some examples of careers that value a business administration degree.


Accountants perform essential financial functions for all kinds of businesses, from small shops to multi-national corporations. Schools, non-profits, churches, and hospitals all require expertise to manage their financial records and organize their taxes. Taxes can be a profitable area all by itself. An accountant may work for a tax preparation firm, in a tax-specific area of a large organization, or provide tax assistance to individuals through a self-owned company.

Commercial Loan Officer

There are layers of complexity in commercial lending that differ importantly from private lending. A commercial loan officer is like its private counterpart in that she or he evaluates applications for funds, and then approves or makes recommendations involving the application. One difference is that with very large loans, an officer may work with other institutions to amass the necessary capital and organize its distribution.

A successful commercial loan officer combines number skills with a keen sense of judgment. In a building economy, there might be a greater volume of loans to manage. When an economy is in a down turn, institutions practice more judicious lending.

City Manager

A city manager is akin to the CEO for a municipality. A manager may administer a city budget, develop and implement city policy, and be in charge of departmental hiring and firing.

Sales Manager

This job often involves setting and monitoring sales goals, analyzing data, and giving approval for company expenditures. Developing systems for dealing with customer complaints and sales employee training may also be responsibilities of this position, as well as department budgets.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource management encompasses a broad spectrum of administrative function. Often this is the position that works as a go-between for employees and company management. A human resource manager may be in charge of recruiting, organizing interviews, and hiring procedure. Other duties may include:

  •  Coordinating the workforce
  • Advising managers on organizational policies
  • Mediating disputes
  • Clarifying disciplinary procedures
  • Following firing protocol

Public Relations Specialist

This position is responsible for ensuring that an organization or an individual client puts its best public face forward. A public relations specialist understands the promotional needs of the individual or company and develops ways show the client in the most advantageous light. Duties involve:

  •  Drafting or arranging press releases
  • Creating public relation strategies
  •  Targeting audiences
  • Helping clients communicate effectively with the public
  •  Drafting speeches
  •  Evaluate advertising and promotions for compatibility with client

There are many more job opportunities for someone with a degree in business administration. This degree lays the foundation for a rewarding career in either public or private enterprise. Whether someone is interested in financial organization and analysis, or helping to develop and manage employee policies and relations, a background in business administration can open doors.

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