Jobs You Can Get with a Business Administration Degree

When it comes to choosing a college course, many people tend to turn to business courses. There are a number of different options for anyone who does have an interest in business. Its popularity doesn’t come as a surprise, however. Having a business degree to your name is a massively beneficial factor when seeking employment. Even for someone who wants to become an entrepreneur, the knowledge you learn in the course will give you a great advantage. 

What’s Popular to Study?

One of the more popular choices when it comes to studying business is a business administration course. The course will teach you valuable skills to become very successful in the world of business. Obtaining a bachelor of science in business administration can lead to various different job roles, but what are they?

Human Resources Manager 

The most successful companies always have a great human resources department. They are an extremely vital part of a company due to all the background work they do as well as addressing major factors of a business. Becoming a human resources manager can see you overlook the proceedings in the HR department. You will be responsible for the goings-on of your team. Meaning that crucial elements such as payroll, employment, benefits, and planning are all part of your responsibility. There will also be a need for human resource departments, meaning the role of a manager in the sector is an ever-growing job. 

Office Administrator 

Being involved in office management, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find yourself looking for a job for too long. It is a very sought-after role and is certainly one to aspire to achieve. Your main skills needed for this job is to be resourceful as well as having good management skills. You’ll be required to have decent computer skills, using databases as well as software like Word and Excel. You may also be required to do some accounting depending on the company you are employed by. The main responsibilities will include organization, speaking with clients, and making calls to benefit your business. 

Sports Operation Manager 

Sports brands require a huge number of staff to keep their offices up to standard. This is why sports operation management is such a viable option for anyone with a business administration degree. The salaries for these roles tend to be quite appealing due to the sports brand’s sheer size. Your responsibilities will include making calls, maintaining organization, and keeping up to date with finances.  

Advertising and Marketing Roles  

Advertising and marketing have been an essential part of a business’s growth for decades now. However, it has never been so important as it is in today’s world. Your job will consist of marketing your brand effectively. Consumers who are engaged by your product are more willing to choose it over a competitor. Although there are marketing courses, a business administration degree can give you a unique look into the subject. You’ll be able to identify what the company needs to grow and marketing techniques that appeal to the consumer. 

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