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iTunes is a program that is widely used by owners of Apple technology. The majority has the iPhone and uses the app on this smartphone. But a much smaller number of users have iOS on their computer, making it difficult to synchronize data between devices and the program in general because a lot of people has the Windows operating system.

That’s why Microsoft promised to release iTunes in the Windows Store in the Microsoft Build conference. As it was reported, Apple had to launch a version of the iTunes online app store to Windows store, which is the official Windows store.

Now it finally happened. You can download iTunes on your personal computer and enjoy the music. Media player functionality does not differ from the version proposed by Apple for Windows users to download from their website. But the output in the Windows Store means the accessibility of iTunes for devices with lightweight operating system Windows 10, which will soon turn into a special S mode.

itunes for windows

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be added to the S Mode. This was announced by Joe Belfiore on his own Twitter page.

“We use Windows 10’s as an option for schools or companies who need a version for simple problems, but with good performance. Next year 10S will be the mode for existing versions, not a separate collection. So… I think it’s perfectly normal/okay that we haven’t announced it separately”, – said Joe Belfiore. He is responsible for Microsoft Windows and the browser Edge.

It is known that the new regime offers the user features of Windows 10 S without system reinstallation. Its key feature is the restriction on installing apps from third-party sources. You can download them exclusively from a branded Microsoft store.

In the case when the user attempts to install the application via a file extension .exe, the system will issue a warning error.

Also, you can not change search engine. You can use only Bing, or manually open the search and enter a query.

Mode S Mode is designed primarily for low-powered PCs from which users expect a stable operation.

S Mode will be available on Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Enterprise after installing the next major update. Upgrade PC S Mode for Windows 10 will be free, regardless of the version.

The real reason for Windows 10’s rejection was the confusion among users who were not able to find the optimal OS edition.

Windows 10

Producers, in any case, will not impose S-mode to the users. The license for Windows 10 with activated Mode S will be cheaper and, that’s why it can appear on cheap laptops.

If someone is not satisfied with the S Mode in the Windows 10 Home he can disable it for free. It is expected that only the transition from Windows 10 Pro from S Mode to the full professional version will be paid. The cost of this upgrade will be about $50. This will be relevant only for corporate laptops, and ordinary users do not need to worry.

It is unknown why Microsoft decided to introduce new rules. The team needs time to develop (Windows 10 S is based on Windows 10 Pro and S-mode should work in the home version of the system), or a Corporation wants to observe the success of the 10 S in its present form.

There is also the possibility that Microsoft, having the opportunity to cooperate with Apple, wants to be with a company-billionaire on the same level. That is why Microsoft wants to do everything possible to improve their OS and gain more users favor.

In any case, users will only win, because most are the Windows operating system users and will now be able to combine its use with iTunes.

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