Interesting Ways Bricks and Mortar Businesses Survive in a Digital World

Bricks and Mortar Businesses

It’s no secret that the business world has changed. With more and more entrepreneurs making the move to the online world, eCommerce is booming while many physical bricks and mortar businesses struggle. However, just because the market is different doesn’t mean that the High Street is doomed. Plenty of physical businesses have managed to thrive in a digital, post-pandemic world and the key to their success is adaptability. If you’re worried about your own bricks and mortar business, these tips will help you to secure its future in an ever-changing market.

Location Data Marketing

Almost everyone uses their mobile phone to search for products and services these days. To really drive foot traffic to your business’s premises, you need to make sure that everyone searching in your local area is aware of where you’re located. This is where location data marketing comes in. You’ll be able to alert your audience to offers and events happening near them while also tailoring any adverts they see to be location-specific. After a few weeks or months of using this strategy, you’ll even be able to create reports on how many people are actually visiting your stores after seeing your adverts and alerts.

Using Digital Channels and Tools

Just because your business has a physical location doesn’t mean you should completely shun the internet. Having a website where customers can contact you and potentially even order products will be crucial to your success as time goes on. If you’re not able to accommodate the shipping of products, give customers the option of paying online and collecting their items in store. Alternatively, if your business requires customers to make appointments and bookings, invest in an online system that makes this process much easier for them.

Encourage Customers to Visit

Customers will typically always choose the option that’s easiest for them, so give them a reason to visit your premises. If you’re selling products both online and in-person, many people will simply ship what they want to their address. But if you have special offers in-store or offer discounts to customers who participate in an event or complete an in-person survey, you may find that your foot traffic will increase significantly.

Target New Customers

If your current customer base has either moved further away or has had significant lifestyle changes which make coming into your office or store impractical, it may be time to find a new audience. This doesn’t mean neglecting any repeat customers but instead widening your net to capture more people in your local area. This may involve investing in marketing, but the returns should be well worth the cost. Consider placing an advert in your local paper, hiring a stall at your local market or being more active on social media.

It can be challenging to maintain a physical business in an era where everyone seems to be online, but it’s by no means impossible. By embracing some of the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to surviving the digital revolution.

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