Digital Marketing Tools and How Product Managers Help with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new wave of marketing. The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives and we use it to perform a lot of our tasks. This is why companies are looking to get their products seen on various websites and social media platforms. Digital marketing has a number of advantages over traditional marketing strategies as it allows you to reach a much wider audience in a much shorter span of time. 

Since digital marketing is being taken so seriously by many companies and professionals like product managers across the globe today there are a number of other companies that are creating software applications and services to bring some of the best digital marketing tools to the market.

What is a Digital Marketing tool?

A digital marketing tool is a software or a service that optimizes your digital marketing strategy and provides you all the valuable data you need to make your marketing strategy more effective. These tools come packed with features that will help you automate large portions of your strategy and will provide you with data to improve efficiencies. 

Features of a Digital Marketing Tool

There are a number of features that different digital marketing tools offer, but some of the most commons are:

SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fairly new field within digital marketing and looks at how a search engine catagorizes and selects items that are relevant to a users search. This allows digital marketers and product managers to place their products on the internet in a way where they get the best results. SEO is usually used by smaller companies that do not have a large budget to run large scale CPC campaigns or other social media or digital marketing campaigns. Results from SEO are not instant and take a little time to see, but once positive results start appearing they tend to stay positive.

Social Media Campaign Automations

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. With the sheer number of social media platforms your can use to engage your customers today it is quite an important portion of any digital marketing campaign. A digital marketing tool that can help you automate certain portions of your social media campaigns can be quite helpful as it can become a little difficult to track each platform. These automations also help product managers and digital marketers save time and use it on other more pressing tasks.

Email Marketing Automations


Bulk Email marketing has proven to be 40 times more effective than social media marketing. This is because usually when a person opens an email, they do this with an intent to explore. A digital marketing tool that automates your email marketing can save you a lot of time and effort. These automations can provide customized messages for your potential customers depending on their interactions and will try to convert them to customers within a short span of time.

Lead Management

lead management

Lead management is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. When managing leads you need to ensure that you are in constant contact with them and they have not forgotten about your product, this also requires you to keep your customer’s attention on your product or service. Digital marketing tools come with onboard lead management programs that will help retain your leads and will generate new ones as the campaign progresses.

Client Servicing

Some digital marketing tools include features to help you service your clients better. This can be done by the tool sending you alerts or notifications when your client makes a request so that you can attend to them as soon as possible. As important as increasing your sales and onboarding new clients is, it is also crucial to ensure your existing clients are being serviced in a timely manner to ensure you retain them. Some product managers and digital marketers would even say that client retention is more important than client acquisition, because an existing client leaving your product for another due to poor service can reflect quite badly on your product.


While you are using a digital marketing tool to run your digital marketing campaign, the tool is constantly evolving and collecting new data through trial. This data is one of the most valuable things that these tools offer. The data can show you what your customers are most responsive to and what campaigns work best for your product or service, allowing you to streamline your digital marketing campaigns and bring new levels of efficiencies.

What is Responsible for a Digital Marketing Campaign?

In most companies there are one of two people that will be responsible for running a digital marketing campaign, a digital marketer that has been brought in for this specific task or a product manager that handles the development and deployment of the product or service. A digital marketer is more specialized in creating campaigns and figuring out the target audience for a product or service and studies the market carefully to gain insights on how to efficiently run a digital marketing campaign, but will not necessarily have the depth of knowledge about the product or service as someone who is working directly in the research and development of the product.

A product manager has a much more in depth knowledge of the product or service in comparison to a digital marketer. Securing a job as a product manager is no easy task and some of the product manager interview questions can be much more technical than the questions you would ask a digital marketer. A product manager will need to have good technical knowledge as well as market knowledge. The technical knowledge will come in use when advising the developers to make changes to the product or service in accordance with the demand in the market and the marketing knowledge will help the product manager target the right audience at the right time.

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