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With a desire for financial security, success, and long-term stability, young Samuel Leach pondered his professional trajectory. Settling on the realm of the international stock markets, Leach set out to immerse himself in the world of markets. Delving into nightly research, obsessing over tips of the trade, and creating faux paper trades to challenge his potential, Leach swiftly amassed a vast understanding of the nuanced trade secrets of traders. Seizing the opportunity to enter the markets via a small stipend from his University, Leach invested an initial £2,000 into various stock market strategies, and within one year, turned this initial investment into £170,000.

As his successful methodology manifested growing returns, Leach’s peers began to take note, and regularly asked Leach to teach them how to successfully invest within the stock markets. Capturing this opportunity as a means to help others find financial success, and create a business simultaneously, Leach began to hold educational seminars, preparing eager traders to enter the markets effectively. From there, Samuel & Co. Trading was born, offering several types of lectures and educational content, aiming to champion, educate, and prepare fledgling traders to succeed within their stock market ventures. Through his bespoke methodology, Leach has bestowed various lessons on his trading philosophy upon avid listeners.

Put In The Work

            While many people may believe that stock market traders simply make a few pivotal moves per day, essentially only “working” for a short amount of time, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Leach has always maintained that physically putting in the manpower to garner success has been a leading part of his overall trading philosophy. According to Leach, recognizing the need to do extensive research, remain abreast of global news, and constantly educating oneself are key to gaining successful outcomes. For Leach, who clocks in 100 hour workweeks regularly, being prepared to put in extensive time, effort, and energy into trading is at the top of his trading philosophy.

Conduct Research

            Early within his trading career, Leach landed on a particularly fruitful return, after investing £10,000 into an Android based Apple TV competitor that was on the brink of immense growth, and he credited his £110,000 yield on the deal as being the result of effectively having conducted the research needed to spot the opportunity for growth. At the time of the stock purchase, the company invested a large amount into equipment. The release of their product was pending a safety check. Thus, with the success of this company hanging on the brink of the results of this check, Leach understood the importance of researching similar products, similar outcomes of security checks, and other items that would help him to effectively determine the potential risk versus reward. As a result, he surmised that it was relatively safe to invest, pulled the proverbial trigger, and gained a lofty return after the company successfully passed all regulatory checks.

            For Leach, who’s trading philosophy relies heavily on research, being aware of the outside influences that may determine the outcomes of potential investment is crucial to maintaining control over risk. By remaining proactively aware, educated, and in control of the myriad of factors that could impact each investment, traders can act accordingly from an offensive position, rather than merely reacting to mitigate damage done due to lack of forethought, information, or knowledge.

Recognize Patterns

            From recognizing behavior patterns, and applying them to foster a positive spirit, to utilizing specific algorithms in trading, Leach’s trading philosophies often implement the usage of patterns, behaviors, and algorithms that can be applied to minimize risk, and maximize success. According to Leach, while humans have a natural tendency to miss, mess up, and fail, algorithms do not. Thus, since traders cannot feasibly maintain control over their stock market investments non-stop, allowing set algorithms to automate some of the processes can be a useful tool to maintaining logic and control even when physically unable to manually implement changes. For Leach, who has developed a bespoke algorithm to automate some processes, the ability to recognize patterns, translate them into intuitively instructional language, and implement them effectively into the stock market realm is a fantastic way to ensure around-the-clock confidence in the long-term success of investments while away from the trading desk.

Start Small

            For fledgling traders, Leach has often touted the idea of starting with smaller investments, and relying on a steady stream of smaller returns to grow the investment pot, where it will be bursting at the seams by the time the trader has mastered the industry. For many interested traders, the allure of instant earnings beckons them like a siren song. However, without the experience needed to handle unforeseen circumstances, global changes, and seemingly unavoidable crashes, many novice traders can find themselves with exacerbated risks by investing heavily in the beginning of their careers. Thus, by starting off with smaller investments, albeit with smaller yields, novice traders can increase their revenue, and simultaneously learn real-world skills that will prepare them to effectively deal with crises on a larger-scale in the future.

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