How can you Identify good Investment Opportunities?

Any good entrepreneur is always on the look-out for new ways to build wealth and succeed. One of the best ways to go about this is investing capital into assets which generate handsome returns. This can naturally be something to consider as a way to generate more wealth personally. It can also be of great benefit if you run your own business. Investing some of your profits is a superb way to diversify your company’s income stream and achieve a better rate of return on profits, compared to parking them in a standard business savings account.


The great thing about investing is the range of assets and sectors you can get involved in. From crypto trading to investing in stocks or forex, there is a lot of choice. Whatever market you move into though, being able to identify good opportunities to take is key. This will help you to make money and to avoid losing it on bad investments.

But what are the best ways to find decent investment opportunities?

Consider emerging or alternative markets

A good tip to begin with is to simply expand your investment horizons a little. It is very tempting to follow the crowd and stick to well-known routes such as investing on the US stock exchange or getting into US bonds. While there is nothing wrong with this per se, it can limit the opportunities on offer as this is where everyone else is looking. 

To help find new, more interesting opportunities, which could actually bring better returns, it can pay to look further afield. Investing in top Chinese CRO companies is one option to consider. Chinese companies in this sector are now keen to partner with pharmaceutical companies in the West to run clinical trials on their behalf. This has allowed the sector to really take off in recent times and is a great example of how expanding your investment horizons can allow more opportunities to appear.

Get your chart analysis down 

Whether you trade stocks or currency or anything else in-between, being able to analyze chart data is key. Pretty much all sectors will show the price movements of investable assets in chart format as this makes it easier to read and track over time. Spotting good investment opportunities is often about having the skills to look at price movement charts, analyze them properly and then use this analysis to find decent opportunities to take. Of course, being able to read charts properly will also allow you to see which investments to skip! Many investors will use various indicators like average price movement on-screen to help, but you still need to know what the chart is telling you and what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy for beginners to build high return investments. Lack of analysis caused thousands of people to lose money at the primary step. 

In such a case, delegating your funds to more professional managers and brokers would be a more rational and safe decision. Einvestment, an online wealth management platform, can help customers to invest with high interest rate accounts powered by segregated investment portfolios with excellent performance.

Get advice from more experienced investors

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when looking for investments worth taking on. Most busy entrepreneurs do not have a lot of free time to investigate every market or asset which is where finding a more experienced investor for advice may help. The key thing is to only take advice from someone who you trust and has a record of investing well. Do not just rely on internet gossip or advice from strangers on forums! If you do know someone well enough online or in real-life though, it makes sense to find out how they spot investment opportunities and follow suit. You may also simply find out what they think is a good investment and use this as a shortcut to making your own investment decisions.

Keep an eye on the news

One of the best investment tips is simply keeping an eye on the global financial news each day. Even if you only check this out first thing in the morning, it will help a lot. While you do not want to be blindly jumping on every reported trend or overreacting to breaking stories, this will help you get a feel for opportunities which are worth investigating further. Often, these will be investments in markets you would not normally look at or would not have come across otherwise. This is easier than ever in the modern world with online news sites, 24-hour TV news and social media.

Finding the right opportunities is key 

It goes without saying that finding the right investments is vital to your success. Doing so will not only avoid you losing money but also help you to make more. For many investors though, it is this process of finding investments worth making that can prove tricky. If this is the case, hopefully the above has helped somewhat – just remember to always do your own due diligence on any opportunity you find before risking money on it.

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