Industries That Need Video Content

Video content has been used heavily in the corporate world; especially by newer players like SaaS companies and startups in the tech industry. This is understandable as most of the players in those fields have to communicate complex and novel ideas to their market on a regular basis. But are there other industries where video usage is key? Award-winning moving image agency, Liquona, talks about some industries they produce content for and why they need it:



Health is the most important resource any human being has. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry suffers from significant trust issues between health workers and their wards. Similarly, because of the sensitive nature of tools in this industry and the risk associated with trying new things, trust issues exist between producers of healthcare products and the health workers who use them. The use of video, therefore, is invaluable in improving the situation all around. Health Workers and hospitals can make videos to explain complex procedures to their patients and also use them to train their staff, and healthcare producers can make videos about new products that explain the benefits of using their products to help health workers make purchase decisions that are better for their patients.


Calculating numbers and contemplating personal finances have never been exciting endeavors. More often than not, customers of banks, investment houses, and financial consultants have no clue as to what is happening to the money they give them, and this can lead to high levels of anxiety. In order to help customers make good financial decisions and give them a sense of ease, companies in the industry need to educate their clients. This can be done using video. From videos that explain the differences between checking and savings accounts, to investment promotions and tutorials on the planning software used by investment bankers – videos connect customers to their companies and help foster trust.


The defence industry spans public corporations such as the military but also includes private contractors that supply them, and also those that offer security services within the private sector. A defence video company in this industry uses videos to show demonstrations of the services each business provides and communicate their marketing messages with elegance and simplicity for viewers. They can also use video to create training content for clients and staff; which can be highly valuable in situations where personal interaction is impossible.

Charities/Non-Profit Industry

Charities exist to create good change without profiting from it, and can definitely benefit from creating and using video footage. The videos that charities distribute can show all of the great things they are doing for mankind; exhibiting different places and people who need and receive help. Of course, this kind of coverage encourages people to get involved and support the efforts being made to improve humanity’s lot in the world.

These are just four of the many industries that Liquona works with. However, it is obvious that regardless of the industry, video production is an indispensable communication tool needed by all.

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