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Instagram, with over one billion monthly users has grown to be one of the most vital marketing tools. As a result, the need to gain more followers and engagement is high. Gaining followers without support can be slow and time-consuming at the expense of developing content. How about a platform that can help your Instagram profile add organic users quickly?

Countless services on the internet purport to help you grow followers organically without the use of automation. Despite lucrative promises, some of these services do not live up to the hype as they turn to bots. Clients try them out but again go back to the drawing board after failing to get the desired results. 

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Most importantly, the use of bots is catastrophic considering the existing strict Instagram policies. Your account might be disabled once Instagram determines you have breached the automation rules. 

The question is: does a legit Instagram growth service actually exist? A service capable of growing profiles manually without the need for bots. Out of the many services available, Growthoid stands out as the perfect solution. Based on user reviews, Growthoid is revolutionizing how Instagram users gain followers. 

This review looks at why Growthoid is important and why you should try it out. 

What Is Growthoid?

Growthoid is a leading and established company that helps grow Instagram users for your brand organically. Growthoid guarantees a real follower growth count with no room for bots and automation. This is Growthoid’s main selling point. 

Therefore, Growthoid understands why your Instagram should consist of real followers. It is hard to come across an Instagram follower company that does not use bots and automation. You should not search further, Growthoid is for you. Most importantly, you will get followers at an affordable price. Growthoid also understands that real followers will offer you real engagement.

The growth mechanisms deployed by Growthoid are totally safe. The means used for growth are fully acceptable by Instagram, eliminating any chances of termination. 

In a nutshell, Growthoid will simply grow your Instagram account by learning about your brand and the specific target audience. They will then develop your follower targeting plan to set the process in motion. Growthoid guarantees results because they care about your success as it is the main driving factor in their business model. 

Growthoid Features

Growthoid features are tailored to give you peace of mind while managing your account. The features are straightforward and easy to understand. Here are the standout Growthoid features developed for optimal growth.  

Dedicated account manager

Growthoid will give you a dedicated manager to handle all your needs. This is the person you will contact and discuss your account requirements. The managers will listen to your targeting requirements and help execute them. This is a feature you won’t find anywhere. Once managers have your targeting directions they will in return put the focus on your goals. With Growthoid, your goals become their goals. The account manager will focus on Instagram growth while you concentrate on developing engaging content.

Organic followers

This is the best part about Growthoid. Every single user is real. They have dedicated growth experts whose sole purpose is to manually nature your account. Unlike other companies, Growthoid is a management company that deals with growth alone. Notably, Growthoid will leave the posting to you. 

Growthoid works with any industry

Growthoid has no limitation. They will organically help you acquire followers under any niche. 

They stick to your followers’ target plan

Growthoid puts clients’ needs first and offers a listening ear. Once you agree to a plan, your account manager will be with you every step of the way until you get results. 

Quick turnaround

Once you set your set goals with Growthoid, it will only take 24 hours for you to start witnessing results. The Growthoid system stands out as very effective based on this short span of getting results. 

14-day money-back guarantee

Growthoid believes in offering clients the best deal to acquire followers. However, they are versatile to offer a refund if you are not happy. As a straightforward company, Growthoid will not ask any questions on your account termination. However, you will have no reason to terminate since their offering is unique and valuable. 

Multiple Account Pricing

If you have more than one Instagram account, Growthoid has a special offering for you to manage all of them.

Growthoid Pricing Plans

Growthoid has two major pricing plans alongside bulk packages for individuals with more than one account. Such a model shows Growthoid’s flexibility in delivering for the client.


Account managers in charge of growing your Instagram, heavily rely on targeting. Growthoid’s targeting puts into consideration factors like niche, geography, gender, age among others. Furthermore, personal touch with managers offers flexibility. Once you feel like changing your targets, you can easily tweak them with the help of your manager. It is worth highlighting that other companies in the same space do not have any targeting rule book in place. This leaves Growthoid as your go-to partner.

How Growthoid Organically Grows Your Instagram Profile

Growthoid is a company of its word. They are trustworthy and will manually grow your account. The market has many companies that promise to give you real followers. However, their means of delivery does not give you the real thing. It is important to be keen when choosing your growth partner and with Growthoid, you have no reason to worry.

As you already know, they will give you a dedicated account manager who will help you identify specific needs for your industry. The targeting is done through the use of niche-specific keywords and hashtags. Growthoid takes over and engages with users in your target industry and fulfills their interests. They will then come back and interact with your content. 

For Instagram, the follower engagement metric is vital for any industry. This is another reason why we should get in touch with Growthoid for a healthy rate. 

Importance of Instagram Quality Followers

We have to admit that the market has low-free companies that will give you instant Instagram followers. However, the quality of these followers is nothing compared to what Growthoid will offer. Growthoid will give you human followers as opposed to automated bots. 

Other companies will offer you massive followers which will not reflect under the engagement. 

With good engagement, the Instagram algorithm always favors posts with high engagement levels. Instagram will prioritize your content since they are used to commenting and liking. Where else can you get such engagement? Growthoid will be there for you on what you need.

Review Conclusion

Growthoid is redefining how social media management is carried out. In an industry saturated with bots, Growthoid offers a new leaf of transparency alongside a supportive team of managers. The account managers give you a personal touch, something missing from other players. In general, the Growthoid team is dedicated to simplicity and value-based pricing.

Additionally, Growthoid offers balance. As you increase your followers, the engagement rate also keeps in tow. You have probably seen accounts with more followers but opposite engagement rates. If you are looking to add real value to your Instagram, then Growthoid is the option for you. Make the decision and join other clients who are witnessing positive results with Growthoid. 

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