How To Use VPN To Access Blocked Websites?

VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet

We live in a Modern Age and one of its many perks is the ability to access almost any type of information we want within the comfort of our own homes.  However, you might need some additional help to unblock certain websites. That is why you should opt for a tool that allows you to access blocked websites while protecting your data. Namely, using a VPNwill ensure that both your identity as well as your IP address are masked.This basically means that the data you send will not be visible to a third-party since VPN encrypts information forwarded to the servers. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to enter blocked websites, here are some helpful ways to do so.

What is a VPN exactly?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a security tool which guarantees a safe, malware-free internet browsing. Originally, VPN was created for a different purpose. It was used to form a safe connection between different business networks. Today, VPN is essential when it comes to accessing blocked or censored websites.  It connects your devices to a certain server in a different country. This server allows you to gain entrance to the websites from that geographical location. VPN becomes very helpful when trying to search crucial information that is blocked by some websites for your country.

Using a VPN correctly

Every time you connect to the internet, you send out a unique IP address that will automatically reveal your location. This means that you cannot gain access to certain websites that were blacklisted by some organizations, countries, schools etc.

What a VPN does is that it gives you a brand new IP address that is tied to the location you selected and with it,VPN sends a signal that you are using the internet from the region the website is from. Additionally, using a VPN will make sure your data is encrypted and stop any outsiders from trying to track your location, browsing history, as well as your identity.

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Learn the benefits of VPN and safe internet surfing

VPN allows you to watch your favorite streaming services, play your favorite games, listen to music from anywhere in the world and assure that you are safe while doing so.

Why are some websites blocked?

There are many reasons businesses and organizations want to block their websites. Online censorship could be used to lower spam rates or cyber-attacks on websites. Some streaming services are obliged by their contracts to prevent streaming outside certain areas. On the other hand government organizations like to keep sensitive information hidden from others.  One of the main methods of stopping you to gain entrance to a certain website is by banning your IP address based on the location you log in from.

Bypassing security on blocked websites

If you need to access a website that is blocked due to your geographical location, there is a solution. By using a VPN, you are granted access to blocked websites without any restraints.

Many countries block certain content for foreign visitors, because some of the content may not align with religious, as well as political beliefs. Moreover, in case you are travelling to a country that has internet restrictions, you will need a safe way to access blocked data. This is possible with VPN in a way that your internet activity will be protected from those who want to track you and take advantage of your unprotected browsing.

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Secure your identity online and browse carefree

Therefore, following these few simple, amateur-friendly steps you can bypass almost any obstacle that you may find while browsing freely:

  1. Select your preferable VPN client by downloading it on any of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, PC);
  2. Start the app and select the country  which the desired website is from and the VPN should find any available connections in that region;
  3. Once you have selected the country, all you need to do next is to choose the best connection and you can start using the websites that were blocked.

Some websites block VPN access

Usually websites track their visitors by their IP address. It is an easy way of providing account security, filter advertisement and provide users with different content based on the area where the IP address is coming from.

Using a VPN masks your IP address and certain websites will not allow you entrance primarily for safety and advertisement reasons.

What to look for when searching for a VPN?

With all the great options a top VPN providers has provides there are some features that should be considered essential when searching for one:

  • Fast speed connections and data flow
  • Good encryption and security protocols
  • Great user interface and accessibility
  • Option to use a VPN on multiple devices
  • Ability to gain access to global internet content

Even though VPN is simple to use, there are also other aspects of it that should be considered. With its simplicity and accessibility, a VPN should also be enriched with fast data transfer, global connectivity and browsing security.

People who travel often may find it useful to be able to connect to their VPN from different devices as they are constantly on the move. Having a steady and fast connection at almost any time could ensure an uninterrupted and solid information flow.

If you are looking to select the best VPN service just make sure it has all the features mentioned above. There are a lot of VPN service providers on the internet and should make the right choice for your needs.

Why is VPN important?

VPN flow

Establish a good connection that protects your from any outside threat

We live in a time where having an internet connection is very important. Every day, people use the internet for almost every aspect of their lives.

We talk to friends, make good business deals, watch movies, listen to music, yet we do not think about our security while doing so. VPN is here to ensure you have a safe experience as you do the things you enjoy. It is here to provide the security mechanism you need so you can enjoy everything that you want without having to think about censorship blocks, cyber-attacks or compromising your safety.

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