10 Retail Marketing Tips That Will Keep Your Business Running Year Round

All people have to buy things, you can love it or hate, but you still have to do it. That is good news for business owners, but the struggle is, how to beat the competition and attract more customers? Retailers have to be at the top of their game constantly. Otherwise, someone else might “steal” their customers. We assume your business is present online since that is one of the most powerful tools for gaining more new customers. Hence, a lot of our tips will be dedicated to the things you can do in the online world, but we also did not forget about those tricks that provenly work in the real world of brick-and-mortar shops.

1.  Google Shopping Campaign is a Must

As a retailer, you need to take advantage of all possibilities out there, including Google shopping campaigns. Whether you run an online business or a brick and mortar shop, selling directly through SERPs is a great way to increase sales. Make sure all product pictures are of high quality and include promo deals and discounts.

2. Target Your Group of Shoppers

If your business is still not on social media, do not wait anymore. Make an account and invest in social media advertisements. What is so great about them is that you can custom target your group of shoppers. If you sell fishing equipment, for example, most likely, 90% of your target audience are males. You can also select the preferred age and city area, etc. There are so many options for choosing your target group, which allows you to play a bit until you find that ideal target group.

3. How Can More People Visit Your Store

Although a lot of shopping happens online, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, it is still important to have buyers who come to visit it. You can create special offers that are valid only in-store, it will increase your storefront traffic. Invest in outdoor business signage that will promote special deals and also promote it online. Offer a free gift; it always works. Or visit https://www.shieldcoart.com for more custom signage ideas.

4. Approach to Locals

Are you a newbie in town, and have no clue about locals and their customs? It is time to change that. Your store needs to become a part of the community, relevant for the locals, so they can get emotionally attached to it. Perhaps prepare small gifts and vouchers for people from your neighborhood, we are sure you will win them over with these small gestures.

5. Are You Keeping Up With Podcasts?

Podcasts are the latest hit in the US, and they are slowly becoming globally popular since they are so easy to listen to while driving or commuting. Based on what you are selling, and your target audience, you can find a niche that is suitable for you.

6. Improve Your Videography Skills


Are you aware of how many people watch YouTube videos? And not just YT, but videos on social media in general? Facebook and Instagram have both welcomed short videos that could be an excellent way to promote your products and allow potential customers to see them. You can get creative and make funny videos that can go viral in no time, so think about it.

7. Celebrate All Holidays

Valentines, Easter, Christmas, New Year, 4th July, Thanksgiving, and even St.Patrick’s day, you have to keep up with all holidays and if possible, offer different packaging and limited editions for those occasions. Shoppers love things that have a theme, and any of these holidays are a great opportunity to boost sales.

8. Impulsive Shopping

Have you ever made an impulse purchase? Of course, you did, but why? What forces us to spend our money without previous planning? The sense of urgency. When we have a feeling that something is quickly selling out, we are more determined to get it. Hence, short-term offers and specials deals that last only 24 hours or expire soon are a great way to inspire people to spend more.

9. Plan and Prepare for Seasonal Peak

What is the busiest time of the year for your business? Is it Black Friday, summer, winter, or Christmas holidays? We are sure you know the answer, that is why you need to prepare for that period on time. Special offers, design, limited products, it all has to be prepared on time. Because if you are not ready, your competitors will certainly be.

10. How to Have Returning Buyers

You need to keep your customers coming back for more, and remarketing campaigns are exactly what you need to do. If your product has a lifespan, it means that after a certain time, you need to remind your customers to repurchase it. Also, if you have other products that go well with one another, it is always good to recommend them.

The Bottom Line

The goal of every business is to grow, and you cannot do that if you first do not invest in your marketing. Whether you opt for just one of these strategies or several of them, you have to keep in mind that they all need some time to show results. Also, do not forget to track all the numbers to see how much you have benefited from different marketing tricks.

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