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Consumers are getting smarter about marketing, and the avenues which were once staples no longer reach them. In fact, engaging in spam tactic style PR stunts could even cause consumers to react negatively to your brand. So, what’s a new business owner to do? You obviously need to build brand awareness, but how do you do it in a way that makes people love your brand rather than loathe it? The answer is creating amazing content that creates good public relations.

How do you make good content for PR?

Good content makes people stop what they’re doing and share it. It’s interesting, it’s informative and it’s your ticket to the front page of top social media sites like Reddit or directly into the feeds of consumers on Instagram. However, consumers aren’t dumb, and you can’t just put up a thinly veiled ad for your company in the hopes that they will share it. This type of activity is actually more likely to create a negative brand image when these users figure out your game plan.

Instead, focus on content that’s useful and doesn’t try to sell anything. Of course, the content you share should be relevant to your products, and that’s why identifying your target audience is key. Valuable evergreen content like tutorials and how to guides on a variety of subjects from health to fashion are often the best ways to market your brand. Every niche can benefit from this type of content, and it’s an easy win for you.

Need some ideas for your viral content? Spend a few days browsing through relevant niche groups on Reddit to see what kind of content makes it to the front page. Odds are, you’ll be able to get some great ideas for your own marketing plan that can help your brand to outshine the competition.

No one knows your brand, product and/or service than you do. Outsourcing your digital PR to an agency can be an option for bigger companies. But in today’s digital world, you don’t need a PR agent to reach media and blogs. You can simply use Contento to get your articles placed on top sites. Also see article “Do You Actually Need A PR Agency?

How to use quality content to get your brand on high authority websites

The name of the game here is outreach, and it’s not an easy task. Be prepared for the disappointment of getting one successful placement for every fifty or so emails that you send out to publishers in your niche. While this can be a little soul crushing at first, the rewards are worth the trouble, because guest posting your content on to popular blogs in your niche puts your brand in front of your target audience in a way that advertising will never be able to do.

The PR boost for guest posting is so massive because these publishers have cultivated an audience. That audience trusts them, and some of that trust flows back to you. However, if you don’t really have time for manual outreach, then there are services out there that can help. These agencies do the heavy lifting of placing your PR content on niche relevant blogs so you can get back to running your company.

Using a PR agency will take a little money out of your pocket, and it will put a lot more time back into your day, but it’s up to you to decide how much your time is worth. The good news, of course, is that these types of services are getting more and more affordable, and many of them will even allow you to start for a relatively nominal cost, allowing you to scale your PR efforts as your business grows and your marketing budget gets a little fatter.

How good content boosts your search rankings

Link building is still one of the most important aspects of SEO, and high-quality content not only boosts your company’s PR, but it can also benefit your search rankings as well. Evergreen content that teaches people how to perform a skill or task is not only routinely shared on social media, but it also gets linked to by other sites forever.

That’s part of what makes content-based digital PR marketing one of the most effective marketing strategies, because while an advertising campaign may only bring in business for your company for a few months while the ad is running, quality content continues to bring in money year after year, making it one of the best returns on investment when it comes to marketing.

While you should, of course, put out high-quality content for your guest posts, it’s also important to save the very best posts for your own website. Hosting massive guides that have the answers that consumers are searching for lends you authority, and soon they’ll see you as an expert in your field and trust your products that much more.

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