How to Find a Great Ad Agency For Your Company


Advertising is a multimillion dollar industry worldwide; yet many businesses still think that they can tackle their marketing needs internally. However, if you are trying to refine your company’s advertising to reach your target audience, you should consider hiring an advertising agency that can help position your company for growth. Sadly, with the many options available today, it can be a problem to find the right one that suits all your advertising needs and demands. The following are tips on how to find a great advertising agency in Jupiter


To find out whether an advertising agency is business focused or not, it is essential to ask them to show you their results. What have they done and how did they do it? Through this you will be able to learn a lot about what an agency thinks is important by what they measure and do. Therefore go for agencies that are results oriented not money oriented. 

Prior experience 

You will probably benefit more by working with an agency that has some prior experience of the industry you operate in and also has experience in the market. The number of years an agency has been in the market gives you an understanding of their capability and what they can deliver. You can tell whether the agency is experienced or not by asking them to give you referrals to their previous customers or clients. You should then personally contact these clients and get their opinion on the work done by the agency. The agency should also have an understanding of the industry you are operating in. this will give them a better idea on how to advertise and position your company in the market.

The creative brief 

Advertising entails a number of things and among them is creativity. For you to know how an agency approaches their work, it is important for you to ask them to show you their Creative Brief. This is a document that outlines the specifics and parameters of a project to be undertaken, it includes; the objectives, the budget, due dates, message, disclosures, metrics, tone and style. A closer look at this document will enable you to understand the strategic acumen of the agency. If the agency does not have this document, you should consider looking for another advertising company or agency.

Integrated marketing capabilities 

A good agency should have integrated marketing capabilities. The agency should be well equipped as far as advertising is concerned. It should be a full house service agency for everything including; creativity, online interactive, point of purchase advertising, media planning and also public relations. Offline advertising is not dead; in fact it is still a central part of most successful advertising campaigns. But with the latest technological trends, understanding the dynamics and the need for online advertising is very essential for any advertising agency.

In summary, if your company has the capability, hiring an advertising agency is the best way to build your brand and engage with your target audience. Finding a great agency that will meet all your advertising needs is essential in ensuring that all your advertising goals are achieved.   

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  1. I’m looking into hiring a new advertising agency and this time around I’m doing more research beforehand. There’s a lot of great information here that I’ll be using, like looking into their prior experience, examining their creative brief, and making sure they have integrated marketing that will meet my needs. Thanks for the article.

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