How To Start a Successful Courier Company

With so many purchases taking place online, more and more deliveries are taking place across the country, and even abroad. This means that setting up a courier company can be a great idea – it is certainly an area of growth. However due to this, it does mean that customers are more discerning than ever. You cannot simply buy a truck and start delivering parcels. 


You must execute good working practices and a good business model if you want to survive. Here are some ways to get started.  

Take Your Time

Once you have a business idea, you’ll be excited to get going and start bringing in money. However, this is never a good idea, and certainly shouldn’t be what you do when you are starting up a courier company. You need to step back and assess the situation, and then make plans that are achievable and realistic. Give yourself a timeframe and a budget, and ensure that these are accurate.

Once you have done the groundwork, that includes research into your competition and finding out about any permits and licenses you are going to need, you should compile a business plan. Even if you don’t need to borrow money at the beginning, you might at a later stage and this business plan will be invaluable at this point. It is also a way of determining whether you are on the right path and heading in the right direction.

Start Small

Although the idea of having a huge company with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of trucks and drivers will probably be your ultimate goal, that isn’t going to happen overnight. You need to start small and build up rather than jumping in at the beginning only to find that you don’t enjoy the work, that you run out of money, or that you have too much competition to contend with.  

Start small with just one truck and one driver, and this driver will probably be you. Take a few packages at a time and ensure that you give a fantastic service every time. It will take time, but eventually, with the right attitude and a good plan, you can build up into something big. Eventually you will need a whole fleet of trucks and lots of drivers using EnVue Telematics fleet management technology. 

Think About Investors 

It might be that you already know how to run a courier company. You may be working for someone else in the same field, or it could be something that someone you know is an expert in, and they want to go into business with you. In this case, you might be able to grow a little faster than usual, but this will often mean needing investors to help with that growth. Simply having the knowledge isn’t going to be any good without money to back it up. 

Some investors pour money into startups with the aim of making a profit on that investment after a specific amount of time. Sometimes they can also add useful business input into the company, helping you to stay on track. It is worth considering this option if you already have the expertise and want to be a bigger business than you already are. 

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