How to Select the Right Stressless Recliner

For people who want high-quality furniture that offers excellent support and comfort while leaving a small carbon footprint, stressless recliners often make the top of the shopping list. If you’re looking for some key tips on how to find the right stressless recliner for you, then consider these insights while you shop around.

Familiarize yourself with the different styles.

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Stressless recliners are specifically crafted with ergonomics and lumbar support in mind. A reclined position has been found to relieve a great deal of stress on the spine, and it’s important to pick the style that’s best suited to your individual body.

Each type of recliner features a different, uniquely-molded set of foam pads that offer a distinctly different feel from one style to the next. Different style features include varying back heights, an adjustable headrest, and various seat widths.

In addition to the other style features, stressless recliners also come with around three to five different bases to choose from, depending on the model. Base styles include Classic, Home Office, Signature, Star, and Leg Comfort.

Don’t forget to consider the recliner’s size.

The size of each stressless recliner varies according to its style and unique features. Since the foam for each style is molded separately, the size tiers are not necessarily uniform across different styles of recliners. A large in one style might be more comparable to a medium in another, so each chair warrants individual consideration.

When comparing different stressless recliner sizes, be sure to consider how long you’ll be sitting in the chair at a time, as well as the different postures you tend to assume while sitting. For example, you might want to opt for a roomier model if you tend to sprawl!

Look at the materials.

Durability is as important as style and comfort, so you’ll be glad to know that stressless recliners are built to last. However, while all the different types of leather and fabric are comparable in quality, there can be a lot of variation in their look and feel.

Would you like the sturdy look of leather, or prefer something softer like velour or ultrasuede? There are numerous different color and texture options available, so consider what will work best with your home’s existing decor. This holds true for the stain you pick for any wooden elements in your recliner as well.

In order to be able to enjoy your stressless recliner for as long as possible, you’ll want to opt for materials that are likely to stay in fashion for many years. It is also valuable to consider the maintenance different materials may require.

Determine what features take priority and write them down.

For most people who are looking to buy a stressless recliner, comfort probably takes first priority since stressless recliners are some of the most comfortable in the world. However, lumbar support and spinal health are just as important for many customers, and others place higher importance on style and durability.

While you shop around, it helps to have a pre-written list of priorities that you’re looking for in your next piece of furniture. This list will act as a lifeline if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the choices at hand.


First and foremost, when shopping for your ideal stressless recliner, you’ll want to make a list of the traits you’re hoping for and rank them according to priority. This will help you sort out your preferences if you encounter a shopping crossroads later on.

While looking for the perfect stressless recliner for you, consider style aspects such as the length of the chair’s back and whether or not you want an adjustable headrest. Determine which style options have the unique foam padding that’s best suited to your body, and pick your base according to what will blend seamlessly with the style of your home.

Don’t forget to pick the proper size out of the options offered for the specific model you’ve chosen, and select materials and finishing touches that you’re sure to love for many years to come!

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