How to Be a Good Board Chair

Board chair

A significant and impactful, intense impact on the executive directors (ED) is must and this is done by Board Chairs. These board chairs are great and well experienced leaders. They impact their board as a whole and the industry or the organization for which they provide service. Every Board Chair member has one thing in common and that thing is intentionally as they all are aware of their role and always wants to energize their role of chair. They provide different challenge to their service board which led to the greater purpose and eventually success. Not only a single person is appointed as a leader but many leaders are present around the same table to take part in this role of chair. This board chair position is responsible for good governance and to create dynamic relationships and challenges and also to handle various responsibilities. Various steps are there to be a good Board Chair and some of them a mentioned below:

  1. Build and maintain the RIGHT Board: Chair takes the responsibility of coming together and makes decisions. All this is done without interfering into the strategies of the organization. This chair builds the board into an effective and efficient team that is willing to manage and deal with major crises. This should be done without any negative affecting of the business execution.
  2. Own and adhere to a clear agenda: If a person is in this position of chair then he or she should take the responsibility to remain interactive. They should meet each and every important people of the organization. These important people include the CEO and also the executive directors (ED) and should entertain them in each and every meeting held in the organization. From these meeting the proper input and output should be analyzed and then must be announced among the members. It is the chair who is responsible for the final sign off.
  3. The Board Chair Should also mentor the CEO: it is the responsibility of the chair to provide the CEO or ED with proper guidance. Effective communication skills must be analyzed and it should be kept in mind to not to be complacent with the CEO. Members should feel comfortable in reaching for the clarification if any needed.

With these step, the one and only most important thing is to keep the transparency on with you directors and always aim to be in full potential in encouraging your boardroom being a respected Chair.

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