How to Refresh Your Brand in 4 Easy Steps

Every forward-thinking, famous company routinely freshens up their iconic branding to appear relevant, credible and professional. 

If your logo is looking outdated or your website hasn’t been tweaked or changed in the past few years, it might be time to breathe new life into your visuals to continually attract new and existing customers

Brand reputation

It is, however, important to make changes without losing your identity during the process. Read the below advice on how to refresh your brand in four easy steps.

Step One: Streamline Your Logo

You only need to look at the evolution of the McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Starbucks logos to discover that successful companies are streamlining their branding. 

Most brands tend to use no more than two colors in the visual and do not heavily feature graphic adornments, such as embossing or shadows. It might be wise to review various modern logos to effectively simplify your branding and make it relevant for 2019 and beyond.

You also shouldn’t forget to update the logo across the business, such as on your website, social media platforms, marketing materials and bricks and mortar signs. You could even highlight your new, contemporary logo with eye-catching, illuminated signs, which could make passersby take notice of your business.

Step Two: Update Your Website

Small changes can make a dramatic difference to your company’s website. It should not only feature a responsive web design, but you must remove broken links, eliminate error messages and delete outdated flash images that could be slowing your website down and damaging your credibility.

You could also grow your brand recognition and sales by incorporating the latest search engine optimization techniques into your landing pages. For example, you should:

It could boost your presence in the search engine results pages, increase your recognition, and help you to secure many new customers.

Step Three: Adopt a New Message

A complete company rebrand can be time consuming and expensive, and it could also lead to a loss of identity. Instead, you should aim to adopt a new message, which can breathe new life into your existing brand without damaging your bank balance. For example, you could promote your company’s ethical values or eco-friendly mindset or you could provide a money-saving guarantee.

A new message could help you to tweak your company’s personality and potentially tap into a new audience. So, create a new tagline, elevator pitch and branding statement to motivate others to buy your products and/or services.

Step Four: Eliminate Inconsistencies

There is always room for improvement. To successfully freshen up your brand, you must remove inconsistencies to create a more refined, streamlined image. For example, you should remove redundant elements from your website, logo, social media profiles or email newsletters.You also should say goodbye to bad or outdated content and delete poor quality images on your social media accounts, which could be negatively impacting your branding and reputation.

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