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Earning money without working on a nine-to-five job and leaving the house sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s completely possible. The internet offers many opportunities for individuals to earn money online with just a computer and some skills. Some paid online jobs don’t even need any professional qualifications for you to be considered for the position.

An average person spends about 5.9 hours on the internet. Instead of mindlessly browsing through social media, you can make use of these online gigs and earn some cash to supplement your income or to save up for your financial goals.

Take Paid Surveys

You don’t need professional qualifications to earn online. You don’t even have to graduate to start. Paid online surveys are an increasingly popular way for nonprofessionals to earn money.

Earn some dollars by filling out forms and answering questions for a few minutes. You can start earning by joining paid online survey sites, such as Toluna, OnePoll, MySurvey, i-Say, Global Test Market, and the Opinion Panel.

You can also get paid for watching videos, playing games, browsing websites, and trying out apps.

Write Product Reviews

You don’t need to be a professional writer to make money from writing product reviews, but you can benefit from an excellent grasp of the language, knowledge on grammar rules, attention to details, and exceptional research skills.

To earn this way, you can sign up to websites like Swagbucks, ReviewStream, Inbox Dollars, and You’ll be asked to examine or try out a product and write about your experience with it. pays you to review websites. You’ll earn about $10 for a review that can take an average of 20 minutes to complete.

If you have your own blog, you can sign up for an affiliate program and write reviews for products, services, and websites that are in you niche. You can also accept sponsored reviews, where you try the sponsor’s product and you get paid to write an unbiased review for products.

Try Freelance Work

Recently, there has been a boost in the freelance industry. Many writers, graphic designers, programmers, and other professionals are opting out of corporate offices and choosing to work on a freelance basis, which affords them more freedom and flexibility with their schedules.

Not everyone take freelance work as their primary means of making a living. Others take freelance work while having a full-time job. Taking a second job can result in over fatigue and lead to illness. Freelancing is considerably less demanding, and the compensation is usually very good.

If you have specialized knowledge on and skills for a certain field, you can find projects and tasks on websites, like Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, and other freelance job-listing websites.

Sell Your Crafts

Who says you can’t earn from your hobby? If you have excellent skills in making arts and crafts, you can use this to make money. You don’t have to go to craft fair to peddle your wares. There’s a large marketplace online for craft products.

You can accept commissioned works or sell ready-made crafts. With your favorite craft supplies, you can make accessories, personalized invitation cards, bookmarks, home decoration, and all kinds of trinkets and sell them online.

Open an Online Store

If you have a lot of stuff you no longer use, consider opening an online store and selling them online. Some things you can sell are accesories, books, clothes, decoration pieces, and furniture.

You can reach more people on the internet. Chances are, there’s someone looking for what you’re selling.

It’s not difficult to set up an online shop. You can use an online e-commerce platform to launch your website. You can also use social media to sell your things, but e-commerce platforms give you more freedom and functionality to do business however you want to. They offer tools that help organize your products, gather inventory, keep track of orders, and process money transactions.

You don’t have to man your online store 24-7 or stay glued to your computer all the time. With a smartphone, you can take care of business transactions anytime and anywhere.

Start a Blog

There are several opportunities to earn money through blogging. You can earn through writing reviews, ads, or joining affiliate programs.

First, you have to find a niche for your blog. It can be something about your interest, skills, or expertise. Some of the most popular niches for blogs are DIY (or do-it-yourself), travel, home improvement, fashion, and tech.

If you have some experience with technical writing, you can start a review blog for products in your niche. You can get paid by trying out products sent by merchants and writing a review. You can also accept sponsored links that are relevant to your niche and audience.

You can also make money through ads. Get paid every time a customer clicks an ad or based on how many people view your ad.

You can sign up to Google Adsense. Google posts ads on your blog that is relevant to your content, and you earn money. Chitika, Infolinks, and also offer the same program if Adsense doesn’t work for you.

Affiliate links are different from sponsored links. You’re usually paid an upfront fee to put up a sponsored post, but with affiliate links, you earn a commission when someone buys the product through the link you shared.

Final Word

Money is not an issue if you know how to use the opportunities available to you. Unlike many companies, the internet is not so discriminating. Anyone who has the time and the drive can earn money online.

You can make use of your talent and skills to make money by accepting commissions or taking freelance gigs. Or you can sell you work or products. If you’re not keen on starting an online business, you can also earn an income by answering surveys, writing reviews, and starting a blog.

If you’re serious enough, you internet gig can turn into your primary income generator, but that will take work and commitment to achieve.

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