How To Learn Photoshop Quickly?


While Adobe Photoshop is a single app, it’s an incredibly versatile one. It’s used by designers, photographers, developers, and pretty much everyone who’s working in a visually creative field. That being said, learning how to utilize its dashboard and set of features properly is no walk in the park and can often be daunting for beginners.

To help you, we’ve outlined this easy-to-follow guide.

Why Start with a Project?

The easiest way to learn Adobe Photoshop is by starting a project. Not only will this push you creatively, but it will also force you out of your comfort zone. Taking on small projects will also help familiarize you with the workflow of Photoshop and give you the avenue to learn its ins and outs. For example, one project can teach you how to use vectors, while another can teach you photo manipulation and editing.

You also immediately build up a portfolio of work by working on projects, leading to more projects.

Steps on Getting Started with Photoshop

First and foremost, consider getting yourself a copy of Adobe Photoshop. If you’re not interested in paying up front, then you’d be glad to know you can get photoshop free for students through a 7-day free trial with additional discounts through Adobe CC. 

Once you’re ready to begin, here are a few techniques that will help you learn photoshop quickly without getting overwhelmed in the process.

Learn the Basics of Graphic Design

While it’s easy to take graphic design for granted, it can’t be overstated how important it is to have a solid foundation in it. Luckily, there are countless free resources online that you can use to learn. This can come in the form of video tutorials or step-by-step articles that you can learn from at no cost.

Get to Know the Photoshop Workspace

Adobe itself will take you around the workspace in Photoshop. Take your time with this part, and keep the Workspace basics support page bookmarked to help you if you need a tool. Remember that knowing is half the battle, so familiarize yourself with the workspace and get acquainted with its tools and utilities. Alternatively, doing micro-projects should also help you get familiar with the Photoshop workspace.

Focus on a Photoshop Microskill

While photographers mainly use Photoshop, the platform can be used for other creative outlets, like video editing or typography posters. You can even design an email or HTML newsletter.

If you’re a creative person looking into learning web design and web design software, Adobe CC can be beneficial. Best of all, you can get photoshop free for students for a limited time, helping you save money. Furthermore, the Adobe CC ideas content hub is also an excellent resource for anyone looking to either get inspired or improve on their knowledge.

Learn One Tool a Day

Did you know that there are nearly 65 tools to be used in the Photoshop section alone? So how about learning one per day?

This is an interesting exercise that will get you acquainted with every tool Photoshop offers and give you the time to learn what each one can do. Additionally, it’s easier not to be overwhelmed when you’re only learning one tool at a time. It’s also a good way of memorizing Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, which can help provide a faster and smoother workflow.

No Shortcuts

While you can learn Photoshop quickly, mastering all it has to offer takes some time. Following the tips above should help you learn essential techniques more easily.

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