How to Make Money As a 13 Year Old

Make Money As a 13-Year-Old

Many 13-year-olds want to work for themselves to get the newest sneakers or the hottest technology or have money to spend when they go out with friends.

Although it may sound dull, you may start saving at any age. Even if you keep a small amount each month after you are paid, it rapidly adds up and might provide you an advantage over your contemporaries in the future.

This post gives you a complete perspective on how to generate money as a 13-year-old.

Can a 13-year-old work?

In the United States, a 13-year-old can work while still in school, but labor rules require you to continue in school and therefore work outside of work outside those hours.

You must be more inventive when looking for methods to generate money because many of the largest firms won’t recruit anyone under 13.

15 Ways To Make Money as a 13-Year-Old13-Year-Old 

Here are some of the best ways in which you can make money as a teenager:

Complete Tasks On Swagbucks

Thanks to Swagbucks, you may use surveys to earn money. But it’s also a free app that will pay you to play games in addition to surveys. Even better, the minimum age to utilize it is 13 years old.

It’s straightforward for a 13-year-old to earn money by filling out such surveys. This is because finishing one only takes a short amount of time and is simple to complete on your phone (or computer, if you don’t yet have a phone); who doesn’t enjoy expressing their opinions?

There are many survey sites available. However, they tend to pay very little and are therefore not worth looking into. Due to this, you should only do surveys on websites you are sure are legitimate in terms of the payment they provide.

Pet Sit or Dog Walk

Why not try to locate some dog walking or pet feeding job if no one you know needs a babysitter or if you prefer animals over young children?

There are plenty of options for trustworthy people to care for dogs when their owners are abroad because some extended families have dispersed across the nation and even the globe.

If you ask about it, you could discover this employment sooner than anticipated. However, proceed with extreme caution as meeting strangers or visiting their homes has hazards.

Because of this, getting this job through individuals you know, such as friends, relatives, or neighbors, is preferable.

BabySit After School

Even though there are strict guidelines for those who may work in childcare, many parents are more than glad to entrust their kids to the care of adolescents they know and trust.

Why not volunteer to watch their children if your parents’ friends would love to have a night out without worrying about the kids?

To evaluate whether it works out for both sides, you could always offer to work for free initially.

If it works, you can soon find yourself with a consistent flow of employment. Regarding this sort of employment, word of mouth might mean everything.

Do Yard Work

Working in the yard for neighbors in your town as a teenager is one of the most delicate side jobs. Start by determining who in your community needs yard labor at any time.

For instance, folks in your community could want assistance with grass mowing in the summer and clearing snow from driveways and pathways in the winter.

Sell crafts or artwork

Artistic or creative teens can make extra cash by selling their works.

You can get creative, make things to sell when you’re 13, and then list them online.

You may either publish the things on a local Facebook marketplace or sell your handiwork on websites like Etsy. The possibilities are unlimited since you can sell a wide range of fantastic goods!

To get additional cash, you might also offer graphic designs, knitted or crocheted things, jewelry, artwork, household goods, or t-shirts.

Sell Baked Goods

You may start a bakery with your parents and sell baked products to others in your community as a baker.

To get started, you will need materials and tools. Once you have the necessary ingredients and cooking tools, take the time to list the various kinds of baked items you intend to offer. You may use your creativity at this point to develop an entire menu.

As a baker, you may attract numerous clients by advertising your products on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Start a Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a legitimate method for a teenager to generate money – however, you don’t have to restrict yourself to lemonade.

Practically any food or drink will sell well, depending on the season. You could even be able to set up a booth at a nearby farmers’ market or a venue of a similar nature.

Find a location with a lot of foot traffic in your neighborhood, preferably on a busy day like a Saturday or Sunday morning, and wait for the money to start coming in.

Sell Candy At Your School

There’s no reason why you can’t sell items the same way other people do to raise money for charity if you’ve observed people doing it at school.

Selling chocolates around Valentine’s Day, Easter, or candy canes around Christmas can be very profitable to do this during the holidays.

Additionally, you might market year-round necessities like gum and stationery. Another advice is to look for items you can purchase in quantity to maximize your profit per item.

Cleanup Garage or Basement

Most people have a garage full of unused boxes that they promise to open “one day.” However, it should come as no surprise that day virtually never arrives. Therefore, individuals frequently get increasingly anxious to hire someone to solve their problems.

And for that reason—especially if you’re searching for a career where you can work alone—you may use this to earn money. You may help select which items can be thrown away, sort out boxes, reorganize these in a neater and more logical method, and sweep these areas by volunteering to clear them out.

Become An Teenage Actor

Do you enjoy performing on stage and in plays? Then you might love this acting choice. You may take several measures to begin your acting profession if you love and are enthusiastic about performing.

Your abilities may be improved, and joining an acting class in your community can help you connect with other performers. I observed that I felt more at ease on stage and slightly improved my ability to recall my lines in plays after taking acting courses. Find several schools that offer acting classes in your city by searching online.

After you finish your acting classes, be sure to continue practicing. You may use this to practice, grow better each time, and prepare for auditions.

Sing at local gigs

Participating in live local gigs in your community as a 13-year-old is another excellent option to earn money. A fantastic approach for a youngster to generate money is to become a singer if they have a good voice and enjoy performing.

You may increase your overall revenue by selling your goods in live showcases and being paid to perform at various locations. Items for sale include T-shirts, CDS, buttons, agendas, pamphlets, and more.

Write For Business Owners. 

One of the most acceptable methods for a 13-year-old adolescent to work from home is as a freelance writer. You may advertise your skills on websites like Instagram and Facebook if you want to work as a freelance writer. You may also use your parents’ assistance to promote your services on websites like Fiverr.

Additionally, several businesses use independent writers to produce blog entries, research papers, and articles.

Help People With Painting

This can be an excellent side business if you are a talented painter and want to start earning money at 13. As a painter, you can determine whether locals need assistance with their homes’ interior or exterior painting. They are highly likely to do so because there is always a need for this side gig.

Try advertising your painting business on social media, and think about posting fliers throughout your community to spread the news. This will help spread the word and direct folks in your direction.

Cleaning and organizing

This one is effective despite being particularly original.

For example, a typical method a 13-year-old might use to earn money at home is by agreeing to perform a list of chores or other odd jobs in exchange for payment.

There are typically two methods to achieve this: either you’ll receive a single payment for performing a whole list of tasks each week, or there may be a defined price per task, with cost dependent on how many you complete. 

Such as the weekend chores they often complain about having to do around the house. They might be more inclined to pay you to do it for them if they do it that way.

Play games

What could be more fun than playing games for money?

For kids, there are a lot of games accessible. Adults or professionals designed these games; nevertheless, they were not tested by them. Before releasing a new game on the market, they always require some kids to test it out since kids can analyze games on a personal level and are also aware of the preferences of their generation.

It aids businesses in determining whether or not their product has a high market value and is thriving. Play games ahead of the competition and be paid to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Should A 13-year-Old Get Paid?

Depending on how frequently they work, a 13-year-old who delivers papers or does yard labor for residents can easily make at least $100 to $200 per week.

Remember that a 13-year-old cannot realistically work conventional office hours, such as a 9-to-5 job, so take it slow and think about working 5 to 15 hours each week.

Can You Get A Paying Job At 13?

You can undoubtedly be compensated at age 13. Students are sometimes paid to perform jobs like painting, doing yard labor, delivering papers, and much more.

How Can A Teenager Make $1000?

It is feasible to make $1,000 as a youngster if you have a sound approach and carefully arrange your endeavor. I strongly advise coming up with a few suggestions with your parents for how you can make $1,000 to assist you in attaining your goal.


This article offers some of the most influential and legitimate options for 13-year-olds to earn additional money this year.

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