Echo Neon vs Candy Neon

Candy neon and Echo neon are two of the most popular neon brands. Both brands take pride in their services and efforts to guarantee customer satisfaction but which of these LED neon brands has the best neon signs, prices, and custom services?

This is a comprehensive review of Echo neon and Candy neon to see which neon brand has the best services. Let’s dive in.

Echo Neon

Echo neon is America’s first and leading LED neon brand with over 10 years of experience creating and selling custom LED neon signs to thousands of customers. They sell ready-made and custom-made neon signs at factory prices and the signs have some of the best features out there.

Their neon signs are made from the best materials like PVC, acrylic backboards, and low-energy LED bulbs. They also have one of the widest collections with over 28 categories of LED neon signs including business, wedding, holiday, home decor, and sports neon signs.


Candy Neon

Candy neon is a neon sign brand popular for creating LED neon signs using flex design. Their neon signs are made from flexible plastic that is handcrafted into different shapes to fit the design of the neon sign.

Their neon signs have good features and specs including a dimmer and waterproof frame if requested. Candy neon has about 20 categories of neon signs so you can find a good fit. If you don’t find one, they can build a neon sign for you either based on your texts or uploaded design.

Echo Neon vs Candy Neon

To compare both LED neon brands, we’ll use the features and services of both brands and see which comes out on top.


Which brand has the best prices?

Echo Neon

Echo neon offers unbeatable prices because they don’t resell neon signs. Instead, they make their signs by themselves and in their studios so customers enjoy factory prices without extra charges or reseller interest.

Also, they don’t spend a lot of money on advertising and as such don’t need to overprice their signs to make the money back. Most of the neon signs by Echo neon are between $100 and $300. You can even get LED neon signs below $100 like this Christmas neon sign for $98.

You also enjoy discounts and slashed prices. Customers get up to a 20% discount on first orders and slash prices on new signs.

Candy Neon

Candy neon has affordable prices and you often get a neon sign that fits your budget on their website. They added a budget bar feature to their website so customers can set their preferred price range and see LED neon signs within the set range.

The budget bar can be set between $0 and $625 but they don’t have a neon sign below $150 and have just a handful below $200. Most of their LED neon signs are priced between $300 and $500 and they aren’t big on discounts.

Verdict: Echo neon has better prices than Candy neon. They also give better discounts and slash prices. Regardless of your budget, you can find a neon sign for you at Echo neon.

Delivery Service

How fast is the neon brand’s delivery service?

Echo Neon

Echo neon takes 2-3 weeks to deliver your custom neon sign. It takes 8-10 business days to customize the LED neon sign and 6-8 business days to ship the sign to your location. For rush orders, it takes 6-8 business days to create the neon sign and 4-6 days to ship it out.

You should know that ready-made neon signs are delivered in less than a week since the sign is already on sale.

Candy Neon

Candy neon takes 2 weeks to deliver your neon sign and rush orders take less than 1 week. Ready-made neon signs are delivered within days since the signs are already on sale. You should know that you’ll be charged more for rush orders.

Verdict: Candy neon delivers a few days faster than Echo neon.

LED Neon Sign Features

What features do the neon signs have?

Echo Neon

Neon signs by Echo neon have the best features out there. Their neon signs can be controlled using your smartphone or the remote controller that is delivered with your neon sign. The signs are also designed with an advanced RGB dynamic color switch with dozens of color effects for customers to choose from. For custom-made neon signs, you can choose from 28 cute fonts and 16 unique color blends to make your sign stand out.

If you want to use the neon sign outdoors, Echo neon provides a splash-proof feature to protect the neon sign from water damage. You can even choose from 4 designs for the backboard of your neon sign. It can either be clear, metallic, solid-colored or UV-printed. All their neon signs come with a complete installation kit and drilled holes at the back of the sign.

Candy Neon

Candy neon signs have good features. The neon signs come with an RGB color model and a remote-controlled dimmer to dim or brighten the neon sign. You can also pick from 22 colors and about 30 fonts for your custom neon sign. All their signs have a low-voltage 12V adapter that is safe for any country.

If requested, your neon sign can be water-resistant so you can use it outdoors. Customers also enjoy up to 4 installation options. You can sit, hang, attach, or mount the neon sign and the installation kit that comes with your sign depends on your preferred installation option.

Verdict: Echo neon has better features than Candy neon.

Construction and Design

How are the LED neon signs made?

Echo Neon

Echo neon signs are made using high-grade materials like PVC and acrylic backing. A team of experts use laser cutting technology to cut the transparent tubes of the neon sign to give a cleaner and more modern look. The acrylic backboard is also contour-cut to match the shape of the tubes. Since the signs are precisely cut and handcrafted by experts, there is less chance for errors or irregular designs.

Candy Neon

Candy neon signs are made with quality materials and flex tubes. However, there is no mention of contour-cutting or laser-cutting technology on their website so there is more chance for errors and irregular designs.

There is a disclaimer on the website that the product images and mock-up are for reference only and your neon sign may not match the photos you see on their website.

Verdict: Echo neon has a cleaner and more modern design than Candy neon.

Final Verdict

In summary, Echo neon and Candy neon are fantastic neon brands. However, the impressive features, lower prices, and impressive design make Echo neon the standout brand in this contest.

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