How To Keep Costs Down When Running A Business

The biggest and most established of all businesses can do well when it cuts costs. However, the challenge of being as frugal as possible often comes as a great challenge to most businesses.

It is advantageous for businesses to evaluate which aspects of their operations they can lower expenses on. Even the smallest changes in applying penny-pinching strategies can make the biggest difference. For your finances, learn more from Dollar Financials.

This article offers some business strategies to cut down on costs:

Office debt

1. Reduce Office Supply Expenses

Those pens that keep on getting lost and bond papers wasted on wrongful printing all contribute to office supply expense wastage. All these add up in every business period. 

Always remind your staff to be responsible with even the simplest things as not losing a pen too soon. Make it a rule among your employees to use soft copies whenever possible. Use technology to your advantage by no longer printing documents that don’t necessarily need to be printed. For example, rather than printing office memos, you can simply email a copy of the memos to your employees.

Moreover, while you’ll want to choose the best quality office supplies, remember that quality doesn’t always equate to an expensive price. You don’t need the most expensive pens or the priciest chairs for your office. If you notice that your expenses are unreasonably high, it’d be a good idea to window shop for other suppliers. If you can find one that offers you a better deal, then go for it. 

2. Open Your Doors To Interns

Some businesses are afraid to open their doors to interns because of the burden of having to train them. However, welcoming interns to your business every year is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It gives you additional workforce at no added expense. It would be best if you thought of interns as an asset for your business. You’ve got more people to do operational or office tasks without paying them a salary. You may even find someone you can trust with more complicated tasks. This can help your business do more, sell more, or produce more sans adding up more expenses from your end. 
  • Interns can be potential talents. The recruitment activities of any business can also get costly. Letting interns into your business allows you to look for potential hires, which is more expedient than spending too much hiring fresh graduates all the time. This is advantageous to you, too, as you’ll spend less on training and other recruitment necessities. 

3. Cut Down On Production Costs

The area in business that’s prone to a lot of wastage is the production and manufacturing line. As a business owner, you’ll want to cut down on these expenses and reduce wasting raw materials as well. 

A good way to do this is to maximize the use of every raw materials that you have. For example:

  • Look for ways to use your waste materials and turn them into new products. This is timely, too, since more individuals now are looking to buy products that are made of recycled materials.
  • Consider selling any of your scrap cardboard, paper, or other materials.
  • Consolidate the space you’re using for production. If there’s any unused space, use this for other operational aspects of your business. That way, you’ll have more space left which you can lease out to other businesses.

Then, set performance parameters and check these from time to time, to see how efficient you are in your production. 

4. Spend Less On Office Space

When it comes to business expenses, rent can usually take up the most amount, next to utilities. If you think the rent in your area is getting too expensive, try searching for cheaper office space in other areas. This is beneficial especially when location is not a major factor for the type of business you have.

Furthermore, you might also consider having more employees work from home. If your employee’s job description doesn’t require him to spend most of his time in the office, then let him take this work setting. Have this option also for potential new hires. You can save much on office space and utilities by having more employees work from home. 


 If your expenses are taking a heavy toll on your income, then it’s a tell-tale sign that you’ll have to cut down on some business expenses. A simple strategy like reducing office supply expenses to a more challenging one such as finding ways to reduce production costs can significantly help you cut down business costs.

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