How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy By Boosting SEO Content Writing

Whether your company sells products or services, content marketing should be an important strategy in your advertising campaign. The content you share via online platforms such as blog posts and social media allows your company to engage with its target audience. Good content is interesting and valuable and should be used to improve your business’ online presence. However, you have to present content in a certain way to improve your SEO ranking and make your company visible on search engines. Use these five tips to boost your SEO writing to help your company grow.

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Post Relevant Content

Your customers won’t engage with your company’s content if it isn’t relevant to their lifestyle. If your business sells pest-control services, you don’t need to have blog posts on mold removal on your site. Instead, include posts related to pest control and rodent prevention. The content provides value to the customer while situating your company as an expert in the industry so people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on your services. High-quality SEO content writing takes into consideration the needs of its target audience. When content is relevant, it ranks more highly on search engines.

Use Keywords

When potential customers are searching for a product or service, they enter a keyword or key phrase into the search engine to find what they are looking for. If your content includes a portion or all of the keyword, it is more likely to pop up as one of the top results. Good keywords are neither overly broad nor simple but rather fit your target audience. For example, if you own a home-decorating company near Atlanta, Georgia, the keyword “home décor” is too broad to rank highly on a search engine. The phrase “rustic red home décor for bedroom in Atlanta, Georgia” may be too simplistic as these results are not likely to match with a broad search. A good keyword would be a combination of these two keywords such as “rustic home décor in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Include Metadata

Metadata is the content information that appears as copy between the title and content of your page. It gives readers a summary of the contents of your page so they know if the information will be helpful or not. Search engines often pull rankings based on this information so it is a good idea to include a keyword in this copy. You may also want to include an alternate title and keywords in the metadata. Because this information is designed to sum up longer content so readers know if it is worth their time, metadata is most useful for blog posts.

Provide Links

High-quality content contains multiple links throughout the copy. One reason for this is that it makes your content appear to be more credible. If your site links out to other reputable sources, you appear to be an expert on the topic of your content. Secondly, using descriptive links is a great way to improve both your SEO ranking and that of the site you are linking to. Linking keywords is the best way to fit the algorithm most search engines use to determine rankings.

Update Content Regularly

The older your content is, the less likely it is that it will rank highly on a search engine. Stale content isn’t engaging and existing customers won’t keep returning to your site if they don’t expect it to have new content, which further damages your SEO ranking. It is best practice to update your content regularly for several reasons. First, fresh content helps you stay relevant to your customers. Secondly, it shows search engine algorithms that your site is still current. Finally, consistent content keeps customers coming back to engage with it.

Content marketing is an important part of your advertising strategy. With so much content being generated and consumed via digital platforms, it is important to include that trend in your marketing plan. SEO content writing formats your blog posts and web pages to meet search engine algorithms so your company has a better chance of ranking highly on web searches. The higher your business ranks, the more likely it is to draw in new customers. These five tips can help you generate the high-quality SEO content your company needs to grow.

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