How to Hack Instagram with SpyMyFone

There was a time when Facebook was the most popular social networking site. It still has millions of users, but youngsters have a wide range of different social media platforms to choose from. Instagram and Snapchat seem to be ruling the scene when it comes to teenagers and youngsters. With everyone having a high-tech phone these days, kids have access to social networking sites at very early ages.

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This has become a sort of a problem for parents. As we know, the internet can be a dark place at times. Teenagers who don’t know how to filter real from fake, and can easily fall prey to many things and can be exposed to many things way before their age is ready to fully grasp the concept of it.

Sometimes, it becomes the parent’s job to take matters in their own hands. If your kid is a preteen, then it becomes more important. With all the fingerprint locks and face scans, the phones have these days; parents don’t always have access to their kid’s phone and kids don’t necessarily share passwords with their parents.

Not every parent is tech-savvy, so how do you hack Instagram to see if your children are following people they shouldn’t, or uploading pictures and information they shouldn’t? Softwares like SpyMyFone have made it easy for parents to monitor everything. It can be monitored through PCs, smartphones, or tablets – Android and iOS alike.

All you have to do is visit the website and buy a plan. They have two plans. The “Premium Edition” will give you access to everything on their phone accept social media. So, we don’t need that. We are talking about checking their Instagram, so you will have to select the “Ultimate Edition.” This basically gives you access to all the popular social media channels that your kid uses and also includes a function called “keylogger” that can help you find passwords to their accounts.

It is easy to install the app. If your kid has an iOS device, you won’t need physical access to their smartphone. If your kid has an Android device, then you will need to get their phone to install the app, there is an option to hide it, so it works out once this is done, the main function and setup in out of the way.

You can then login to your SpyMyFone account on your PC, and you will be able to monitor everything on the phone you are using it on. Now, let’s say you want more detailed access to their Instagram account, then all you have to do is use the “keylogger” function so that you can note down their password.

This way, you will be able to login to their account via your phone or PC/laptop and have the first-hand experience with their account. While you might feel a little bad having to spy on your kids, but when they are young and impressionable, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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