How To Grow A New Startup Page On Instagram?

Instagram can be a great platform for startups since 70% of shoppers use it to find new products. You can express your brand’s identity here, interact with potential clients and establish a faithful community.

However, as far as new startup pages growth is concerned, this might not come easy. The reason for this is that there are too many similar accounts, well-known brands and creators who want their voices heard.

Even if you buy followers on Instagram, content visibility can still be compared with screaming in the middle of a crowded room. But if you are persistent and know what to do, you will definitely be able to occupy your niche within this social network and see how the number of your subscribers is constantly increasing. Let’s learn how to do this.

Steps To Grow A New Startup Page on IG

Growing a startup on Instagram does not have to be difficult. This step-by-step approach will help you build a loyal fan following and skyrocket your brand awareness:

1. Build A Strong Foundation

Just like any successful building, a thriving Instagram presence for your startup needs a solid foundation. Apart from buying 1000 Instagram followers, here’s how to lay the groundwork for attracting and engaging your target audience:

  • Crafting a Compelling Profile: Your bio is your first impression. Keep it concise (150 characters) but captivating. Briefly explain what your startup does and its unique value proposition. Use emojis strategically to add personality and grab attention. Choose a high-quality image that instantly conveys your brand identity. For startups with a logo, that’s a great option. If you’re more personality-driven, a clear headshot of your founder could work well.
  • Creating High-Quality Content: Think about what resonates with your target audience. Showcase your product or service in action when you publish the content on Instagram. Maintain a consistent visual style across your posts. This could involve a specific color palette, editing style, or use of consistent fonts. Consistency creates a recognizable brand identity. Moreover, you should not only use static images. Try other types of content, such as Instagram Stories for showing what happens behind the scenes, or reels for short and captivating videos.

2. Optimizing Your Reach

On Instagram, having a strong base is essential but you need a method of getting your incredible posts in front of the right audience. Use these tips to optimize your visibility and draw in the people you want:

  • Leveraging Hashtags: Visit sites that provide tools or display trending subjects to help you identify popular yet not overused tags within your niche. Integrate general terms that attract attention (for instance, (#sustainablefashion) along with more specific ones directed towards your ideal customer (#curvystyle).
  • Utilizing Geotags: Geotag your Instagram content to increase local visibility. This is especially helpful for startups with a physical location or targeting a specific geographic area. When people search for places in your area, your content will pop up! For example, a bakery might use a geotag for their storefront to attract customers in the neighborhood.

3. Attract Followers

Now that you’ve optimized your reach, let’s turn those casual viewers into dedicated followers to grow your Instagram audience. Here are two key strategies:

  • Craft Compelling Calls to Action (CTAs): Strategic CTAs in your captions, stories, and even visuals can significantly boost your follower count by directly encouraging engagement and guiding your audience on what steps to take next. However, forget generic calls like “Follow Us!”Instead, provide a reason for people to follow you. This could be exclusive content previews, early access to sales, or the chance to win a giveaway. Additionally, tailor your CTAs to the specific content. For example, on a post showcasing your product’s features, you might say, “Follow for more styling tips!”
  • Embrace the Multi-Channel Approach: Use your current marketing methods to get more people to visit your Instagram. Add an Instagram link on your website, in the signature of your emails, and on all other social media platforms that you use. Create CTAs that will invite persons to follow you on this platform in the emails themselves, website pop-ups or even physical marketing materials.

4. Implement Collaboration Strategies

How To Grow A New Startup Page On Instagram?

Growing your startup through Instagram does not have to be a one-man show. One can grow their startup through Instagram by teaming up with the right partners who can help them reach a wider audience and build brand awareness in return.

  • Partnering with Influencers: Collaborating with influencers means that their audience will see content related to your products shared by someone they trust and admire, which could result in immediate sales. Look for influencers whose values align with yours and those held by potential customers. Reach out to potential influencers with a personalized message explaining your brand and proposing a collaboration. In exchange for promoting your brand, offer them something valuable, like product samples, exclusive access, or a co-branded giveaway.
  • Engaging with Other Brands: Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration with other brands! Find complementary businesses that share your target audience but offer different products or services. Seek out brands that complement yours, not compete. For example, a sustainable clothing brand might partner with an eco-friendly jewelry maker for a cross-promotion.

5. Explore Paid Advertising

Organic reach on Instagram can be fantastic, but sometimes, a strategically placed ad campaign can give your startup an extra boost. Here’s how to leverage paid advertising on Instagram effectively:

  • Run Targeted Ads: Targeting your ideal customer profile using paid ads is extremely effective. However, there are factors to put into consideration before doing this. Here they are:
  • Define your ideal customer profile: This should include demographic information such as age, location, and interests. The more specific you are about these details, the more likely it is that your ads will reach potential customers.
  • Set clear campaign objectives: Knowing what your main aim is will help you select the best type of advertisement and monitor its performance throughout. Decide on a budget for advertising. You can always start small and increase the amount of money you spend on Instagram ads as they begin generating results.


Growing an Instagram following to 1,000 followers for your startup takes dedication and a strategic approach. Remember, the key lies in a strong foundation (compelling profile, high-quality content), audience optimization (hashtags, geotags), and attracting followers (CTAs, multi-channel approach).

Consider collaborations with influencers and other brands to expand your reach. Finally, explore paid advertising to target your ideal customer with laser focus.